Saturday, February 9, 2019

Creating Clarity and Certainty with Questions

If you're puzzled why so many people do NOT join you as advocates in promoting Anovite food products--people whom you think really should be joining you--then you will find that these series of questions that you can ask will be very helpful. 

One of the MAIN reasons people don't join you is because "the message" as they understand it is NOT CLEAR yet about what they really want and why.

So you can easily HELP people with these questions think more deeply and become more CLEAR about what they really want and generate a high enough level of CERTAINTY.

This will help them overcome their doubt and uncertainty, and feel free to move forward with you and your growing team. 

These questions can evaporate their uncertainty as they gain clarity about what you have to offer in this extraordinary opportunity. 

I almost always use these questions because they are so powerful and helpful to the other person.

Of course, take these questions PERSONALLY--ask yourself these questions and write down your answers, because that will greatly clarify YOUR reasons for doing this. They will strengthen your resolve and commitment to do whatever it takes to get yourself to where YOU want to go!


Clarity AND Certainty

1.  NOW

What do you like about your current work/job/business/financial situation?

What don't you like about it?

Why is that?

How does it make you feel when you think about the amount of money you are currently earning?

Why is that?

How much money would you like to be earning?

How does that make you feel?


How long have you been out there looking for another way to create a more secure financial future?

If you were earning the level of income you wanted, how do you see your life being different then it is now?

How would that make you feel?

What's prevented you in the past from changing your situation?

Is there anything that is still preventing you from changing your situation?


Have you thought about what would happen if you don't do anything about your current financial situation?

What if you don't do anything about this problem and your situation gets even worse?

Have you considered the possible ramifications about not doing anything about your situation?

What are you going to do if nothing changes, if you keep doing the same job for the next 5-10 years?


On a scale of 0 to 10, how important is it for you to change your situation and start building a solid and secure financial future for yourself and family?

Why is your number that high?

Why is that important to you now though?

How would that make you feel to be able to change your situation?

If you could achieve that, what would it do for you personally?


In light of how you feel about your current financial situation, do you feel like this could be the answer you are looking for that will get you to where you’re wanting to go?

Why do you feel like it is though?


What is your level of commitment, on a scale 0 to 10, are you willing to make to use Anovite as your vehicle to get you where you want to be in your financial life?

Why is your number that high?

Based on how you feel about this, are you ready to run with me in this Anovite Adventure, so you can finally get to where you’ve been wanting to go?


NOTE: Remember that even if you don't care about making money, if you want to help the greatest number of people with their health, you must build a team by inviting people to consider this possibility of building a business, for THEIR reasons. 

But YOU have to be bold and take the initiative. 

Don't DEPRIVE people of this wonderful opportunity because you assume they won't be interested, or because you have some anxiety of what they may think of you.

You are doing them a HUGE favor that could be life changing by bringing this up.

You are giving them a chance to become the HERO in their own story, of making a meaningful difference for people who need help, just like you are committed to doing.

Health is not a luxury! It's a NECESSITY. 

Health is a life and death issue!

Remember that what you are doing is a noble venture. 

It's a crusade that is saving and extending lives, even though a brand new person may not realize that right away.

Your opportunity is to love people enough to educate and share because you care. 

To make the biggest impact, you need to always give people the WHOLE story, of the opportunity for better health and better financial security and freedom.

Be bold. People need you to be bold, because of how much is at stake!

I recommend that one easy and effective way to educate people about how they can earn money while helping people is by sending them to other posts on this blog, especially these:

2. http://J.MP/onebasket (4 minute video--"one basket" vs. having multiple streams of income)


7. http://J.MP/MAKESUCCESSINEVITABLE (My Radio Interviewing Russ DeVan on how to make Failure IMPOSSIBLE and Success INEVITABLE)

I also highly recommend that you invite people to listen to the recording of the Anovite Corporate Conference call on Feb. 7, 2019 because on this dynamic call, Shannon Pardue, who earned over 7 MILLION Dollars in a previous company, gives an excellent and compelling story and presentation of the "whole story" that includes BOTH our extraordinary products and phenomenal business opportunity.

Just click here: www.J.MP/7milliondollarman

Or just call (641) 715-3589 • Access Code: 315-743-794 • Reference Number: 164

May the REST of your life be the BEST of your Life!​

We can help you do that! I promise!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Top Ten "Unfair Advantages" You Get in Anovite

Image result for all i wanted was an unfair advantage  

I got a good story for you! It's about "unfair" advantages that could make all the difference for you and your better future! Want to read it?


(Anovite in Latin Means “A NEW YOU”) 


The fact that 80% who try our amazing extraordinary flagship product FEEL it within 20-30 minutes—do you see that as an unfair advantage? Long term results are even more significant and extraordinary. At just $1-4/day, everyone can afford our extraordinary food products (! Plus you can easily get it at zero net cost (essentially free).

Image result for happy healthy women

BECAUSE of how extraordinary our Colostrum6 food is, we have an unprecedented opportunity to make a significant difference in a one TRILLION dollar health care crisis, and dominate an existing Colostrum market in which 200 MILLION dollars are being spent annually on Colostrum (99% of which is watered down and is actually just transitional milk).

Furthermore this is along side a SEVEN BILLION DOLLAR market of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) that has Colostrum as its source, which is a superior and safer way to get HGH!


Cornell University tested every brand of Colostrum from every country, and discovered that each one was only "transitional milk" instead of whole complete Colostrum. So they certified our Colostrum6 as the ONLY true colostrum in the world. 

100,000+ studies and research articles, including from PubMed.Gov, have been published on the benefits of Bovine Colostrum. 

Image result for cornell university

Dr. Oz, the author of his latest book, Food Can Fix It, recently explained many of the benefits of this special and extraordinary whole Colostrum, to millions of people on his TV show and recommended taking it every day.

The other medical doctor discussing this with Dr. Oz on the show, called Colostrum the “perfect food.”

Image result for dr oz


Because our Colostrum6 gives people such remarkable benefits, we have a 78% reorder rate in contrast to the national average reorder rate in the supplement industry of 9% - 12%? Which level of reorder rate do you want to have?

Image result for we believe repeat business is not an accident


Everyone loves FREE, right? 

To start, we give everyone a FREE Lifetime "Costco" type membership!

Then we have a unique way to thank and reward our loyal customers. You get up to 30% back on your monthly product purchases in the form of gift certificates that you can use to get extra products for free!

Image result for we love our customers


Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith has a stellar reputation of being trustworthy. He has been doing business globally for 28 years, providing Doctors and health facilities this unique certified true Colostrum6 that he formulated and continues to manufacture himself. You can trust that he will always treat you right, and will NEVER compromise the integrity of the products or the pay plan. 

Image result for presidential founder anovite

So you get the best of both worlds—you get a strong financial home with the stability and strength of a 28 year old company, but with the major advantage and potential of a young one without the extremely HIGH RISK of a baby start-up, 95% of which FAIL.

Image result for trustworthy


With Anovite, you and your people can get into profit in the first 7 days, thanks to our generous fast start DOUBLED commissions. Our leveraged hybrid compensation plan richly rewards you weekly with 13 ways to make both immediate and long term royalty-type income that includes three profit sharing pools, car/lifestyle bonuses paid weekly (up to $375/week), five rank advancement cash bonuses and check matching bonuses. So whether you want to earn a $1000 a month, per week or per day, it's all here for the taking.

 Image result for dollar signs with dollar bills


You may qualify for Anovite’s special “Master Distributor” like program that gives you an exclusive Profit Sharing Pool overriding the entire company, PLUS 100,000 BV, a weekly stipend, an annual luxury trip with the owners, special recognition, a lot of appreciation and other very nice perks.

Image result for mastermind

Here's a memorable photo I took while hiking this spectacular Kalalau trail on the Na Pali coast of Kauai, on one of our annual all expenses paid Presidential Founder trips! You could be on the next one!

Cover Photo, Image may contain: sky, tree, ocean, plant, outdoor and nature


Everyone loves a FREE sample, especially when they feel better within 20-30 minutes! One of the most effective elements of our system is that the company will send a two week supply for a person to try of our products on your behalf! Shipping included! Makes it simple and easy!  

Image result for oh yes it's free


Because of his amazing personal experience with our products, Danny Glover, without being paid, said on TV that our flagship product was the REAL LETHAL WEAPON.” 

Imagine the advantage you'll get from THIS endorsement! 

In this dangerous world, where 80% ALREADY have diabetes, 70% ALREADY have heart disease, and 50% get cancer (which kills 20,000 people per day), don't you, and everyone need a powerful REAL FOOD "Lethal Weapon" for protection?

Image result for danny glover lethal weapon

Image result for danny glover LimuZ6


We provide a way for you to be in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself! 

You get the attention, training, support and tools you deserve every step of the way, including access to the extraordinary Success By Design and Millionaires by Design Training by renowned Russ DeVan (for $5 a week, as a 6 months coaching and training).
Image result for success by design

Why leave your future to chance when you can create Success by DESIGN?

We’ll also help you introduce Anovite to potential business partners. We’ve got your back, so you can easily quickly create the financial future you want and deserve as fast as you want to go so you can finally have the security and freedom you've been looking for. 

Image result for team training images

Anovite will become the GOLD STANDARD in the Network Marketing Industry. Want to be one of our heroes who make it happen?

Want to learn how you can use these Ten Unfair Advantages to accelerate your success and create a better life for yourself and others? 

Let’s talk and explore the the possibility for you!

I also highly recommend that you listen to the recording of the Anovite Corporate Conference call on Feb. 7, 2019 because on this dynamic call, Shannon Pardue, who earned over 7 MILLION Dollars in a previous company, gives an excellent and compelling story and presentation of the "whole story" that includes Anovite products and business. 

Just click here: www.J.MP/7milliondollarman

Or just call (641) 715-3589 • Access Code: 315-743-794 • Reference Number: 164

Thursday, January 17, 2019

How to Create a “Golden Pond” of 10,000 Members

Image result for 10000 members

How to Create a “Golden Pond” of 10,000 Members

I am recommending that you try out a new simple breakthrough strategy I’ve created that will make it EASIER for you to…  

1.   HELP people more easily, and in a way that does not involve selling

2. Comfortably create your own "P.O.E.M."—a “Pond Of Educated Members” who are open to further possibilities in regards to improving both their physical and financial health through you and Anovite

This is a KISS strategy: Keeping It Simple & Sweet

One of the biggest advantages of this approach is that everyone feels comfortable and honored from the very beginning because you are not selling. 

You are giving away something valuable for FREE.

It creates an environment in which the members in your “Pond” (or pipeline) are more OPEN to the value you have to offer once they’ve accepted your gift of a Free membership (it only takes you 1-2 minutes for you to register them as a member (customer) on your Anovite site).

They are more OPEN because they have already said YES to accepting your gift of a FREE LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP. 

This FREE LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP allows them to get wholesale pricing of extraordinary health enriching and health restoring food products as well as valuable education about how to be healthy. 

Plus a membership is also the first step in positioning them to generate extra money so they can at least get their products at zero net cost and have a long term Multiple Streams of Income.

Remember, you are doing them a huge favor with potentially life changing benefits by offering them this gift of a Free membership

Most companies, like Costco, Sam’s Club, Fitness Centers etc. charge a FEE, but with you, it is FREE

You can offer this gift over the phone, through a text, on Facebook, Messenger, Skype, ZOOM, or even in person at a coffee shop or in your home.

I've tested and done this myself with five people so far. So far 100% have accepted my offer to becoming a free member. Not everyone will say yes, but most will! 

It's simple and easy. So, ready, set, GO!!!!!

So let’s say you are reaching out to Linda. You can say something like this:

Hi Linda. How are you doing? I have some news to share with you (pause for a response).

I have a gift for you that I am pretty sure you’ll appreciate. Here’s the story behind the gift I have for you.

I’m so excited to tell you that I’ve started my OWN COMPANY!

We provide valuable free information on how to feel better and improve the quality of your life.

I’ve actually acquired the global marketing rights from a 27 year old company (Anovite) to an extraordinary “Secret Food” that helps people feel better, look better and live longer.

It actually helps reactivate your body’s ability to heal itself, rather quickly. It’s already made a huge difference for me, which I’ll tell you about later, if you want to know what happened to me.

But right now, don’t worry—I’m not asking you today to join, or buy anything!

So here’s the gift I have for you.

You’ve heard of Costco and Sam’s Club, right? Ever shop there? You like to save money, right?

Did you know that Costco has about 100 MILLION members? They all pay an annual fee of $60 to $120 just to get a better deal. Everyone likes better deals, right?

Image result for costco membership

With MY company, my goal is to have just 1% of the members that Costco has, which will be 10,000 members. That will take about 3 years. 

That means I’ll be helping a lot of people, and I’ll be earning a 6 figure income. My business partner already has over 4000 members and is already earning 6 figures.

But unlike Costco, instead of charging a FEE, I’m going to give YOU, a Life-time membership for FREE.

You don’t have to every buy anything and there is no obligation. If at some point you decide to take advantage of what we have, forget retail--you’ll save money by get wholesale and even below wholesale pricing. Most people are already spending money to improve their health, and usually are paying full retail.

Plus you get valuable health information, and even a way to get free products. 

[because of gift certificates from the Smart-ship program and/or from being in the business].

My target is to have 100 [choose a number you are comfortable with, e.g. 25] new members this month. So will you accept a free membership from me and be one of my 100?  

Linda: So how do I get it? Or, what does it involve? Do I need to provide a credit card?

I’ll take care of it for you right now. All I need to get you your free lifetime membership is your mailing and email address and if you are ok with it, your date of birth.

(AFTER you write down their mailing, email address and phone number, register them on your Anovite site as a customer later, and then text or call them to let them know you’ve done it. That would be a good time to share your story)

Linda, one more thing. Could you do me a quick favor?

My business partner has a good story. It’s in a 3 minute video he made. I think you will find it interesting and very relevant to your health because it’s about the benefits of this “Secret Food” that you will learn about in the video. Do you have 3 minutes to watch it right now?

Linda: Sure.

Do you have a piece of paper handy?

[If Linda asks, “What is the Secret Food?” then say…

I'd love to tell you, but it’s a secret until you watch the videos! 

So it's better to watch the 3 minute video rather than me trying to explain it to you. 

Do you have a piece of paper handy?]

Write this down:

As an introduction to the 3 minute videos, read through the short 5 question health survey first because you’ll find it to be quite useful. After you see the videos, let’s talk again so I can answer any questions you have.

Since you said you can watch it right now, I’ll call you back in 20 or 30 minutes to see how you felt about what you learned, ok?

(or if she can’t watch it right now, ask when she can, and schedule a time to reconnect after that. Be sure to follow up because that is part of how we serve and help people)

Thank you for accepting my gift of the free membership. I hope you find it useful. 

Any questions right now?

That’s a good question. Let me talk to you about that after you’ve seen the videos, ok?

So I'll call you back at _______.

Great talking with you. Bye!



It's quick and easy to get someone their Free Lifetime Membership--takes about 1-2 minutes. Just go to your Anovite site, and click on...

"Join Now" at the top of the page

Click on the image on the left side, "Become a Wholesale Customer"

Click on NEXT STEP

Click on Let's Get Started (choosing a pack--skip this page)

Click on NEXT STEP (scroll down) (Extra products page--skip this page)

Click on NEXT STEP (scroll down) (Smart-ship set up page--skip this page)

Type in their name, birthday (if you have it--not required), mailing and email, and phone number. Then Click "Next Step" and you are done for now. They are IN!

The next really important step is in your follow up, which ideally should be that day. IDEALLY, you've scheduled an appointment for a time to talk rather than leaving it to chance.

Now that they have said "YES" to you once to become a member, they are open to see what the benefits are they get by being a member of your group.

They are also far more likely to take the next step of being a customer, and maybe an associate.

So when you talk with them, ask if they've watched the 3 short "Got a Good Story" videos I made, and the 4th one, "Why Doctors Prescribe Colostrum" at

If they haven't yet, schedule a time to call back after they've seen it rather than trying to explain everything yourself. Let the tools do most of the work for you!

Once they've watched the videos, ask how it made them feel (rather than what they think).

Ask what health concerns they have, what medications they are on, and how important it is to them to restore and/or protect their precious health.

If you feel you really need to send a sample, offer it, but only as a last resort. Now that they are in as a member, they can try any of the products, with the $299 being the best value!


Since our ultimate goal is to help as many people as we can especially with their health, we need to remember we will reach far more people if we harness the power of leverage and duplication.

That's why it's important to find out early on if they are open to making money and explore that possibility.

So always ASK.

Don't ASSUME that they won't be interested. Just ASK!

So you could say something like this.

"By the way, I'm curious if you have any job or financial STRESS in your life, because most people do, and that kind of stress is ESPECIALLY dangerous. 

Did you know that people who have stress from not making enough money have a 13 TIMES higher chance of dying from a fatal heart attack?

So do you have any concerns or stress around having enough money?"

If they admit to financial concerns or not being happy with their current work, ask them to tell you more about their concerns or financial pressure. Ask if they are open to doing something about it.

Ask if they are open to creating another stream of income like you are doing. If they are open, have them watch my 3 minute video about NOT keeping all your eggs in one basket, and creating multiple streams of income at...

www.J.MP/onebasket (case sensitive)

Or as an alternative, or in combination, consider getting a personalized "I Own My Life" site like the one below. It's only $1 your first month, and then only $12.99/month after that if you like it. I highly recommend it to you! Look at mine and you will see why.

Here are some ideas of what you can say as recommended by my friend "Big Al."

A simple question or sentence can totally change our prospect's outlook toward us and our business. Try asking one of these questions:

===> Do you think a part-time job would be better for you instead of a part-time business?

(Most prospects will immediately attach themselves to wanting a part-time business. Hey, working a part-time job until age 65 doesn't sound like much fun.)

===> Starting our own business would cost a lot of money ... and is pretty risky, isn't it?

(Most prospects will agree and say that's why they haven't tried. Now they are open-minded toward a business if it doesn't require a lot of money and is not risky.)

===> Would a $500-a-month raise make a big difference?

(Gee, that's $6,000 a year, which would pay for a really nice vacation, a better car, an occasional weekend getaway, or the minimum payment on the VISA card. This question is rejection-free. Even if the prospect says "No," that means the prospect might be looking for bigger money. And we know our prospect can't get this kind of raise from his or her boss.)


REMEMBER, to choose a goal of how many members you are committed to enrolling yourself...

  • Per DAY: ___
  • Per WEEK: ___
  • Per MONTH: ___

It's reasonable to shoot for having 10,000 member in your whole group within 3 years.

If you bring in 100 free members yourself, and you have 10 people in your group who do that (now you have 1100), and if each just 10% of those each bring in 100 members each, you now have TEN THOUSAND LIFETIME MEMBERS. 

If only 20% order each month, you would be earning a six figure income.


Good News, but hurry! I'm giving away 10 FREE Lifetime Memberships today to the first 10 people who PM me! Like to save money? Like a Costco membership, but with no fee. So if you want to save money, feel better, look better and live longer, let's connect! PM or text me at 555-555-5555

I also recommend that you help potential members understand the potential of what we have by inviting them to visit some of these sites (be sure to educate yourself too by reading these!):

2. http://J.MP/onebasket (4 minute video--"one basket" vs. having multiple streams of income)


7. http://J.MP/MAKESUCCESSINEVITABLE (My Radio Interviewing Russ DeVan on how to make Failure IMPOSSIBLE and Success INEVITABLE)

I also highly recommend that you invite people to listen to the recording of the Anovite Corporate Conference call on Feb. 7, 2019 because on this dynamic call, Shannon Pardue, who earned over 7 MILLION Dollars in a previous company, gives an excellent and compelling story and presentation of the "whole story" that includes BOTH our extraordinary products and phenomenal business opportunity.

Just click here: www.J.MP/7milliondollarman

Or just call (641) 715-3589 • Access Code: 315-743-794 • Reference Number: 164

May the REST of your life be the BEST of your Life!​

We can help you do that! I promise!