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4 Hour per Week--Impossible to Fail-- Formula to Earn $100,000

$100,000 in just 4 hours per week???

[I know this is long, but trust me, it's worth reading every word because it could put you on the FAST TRACK to earn $100,000]

Can you visualize THIS, with YOUR name on it? 

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How would you FEEL, if by working just 4 hours a week, YOU got paid $100,000 per year?

Inline image 3

                Tim Ferris with his popular best selling book

So is that really possible, to work just 
4 hours a week and earn $100,000 per year?

Yes it absolutely is, but honestly, it is 
unlikely for most people, for at least 3 
reasons that I'll disclose toward the end.

you commit to it, and IF you know the right 
formula which I'm going to give you for FREE!

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                                  Do you agree?

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     ​                 Can you love Being THE EXCEPTION?

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                     With my help, it is REALISTIC that YOU can   
               BE the EXCEPTION and do this.

I say that YOU can BE THE EXCEPTION BECAUSE I'm going to show you EXACTLY HOW you actually CAN earn over $100,000 per year with working just 4 hours per week, IF...

IF you are interested, and willing to commit to exactly follow my proven "Impossible to Fail" formula. 

It WILL work for you BECAUSE it's already worked 
for me and thousands of others just like you.

If you're not interested, or just don't believe 
this, than just DELETE this now, ok? Maybe the 
lottery will work out for you.

But if you DO want to play in this Super-bowl 
Financial Freedom game with me as your coach 
and cheer leader, with a guarantee to WIN (i.e. 
a $100K income working 4 hours per week), then 
keep reading, ok? And I'll show you the way 
because I KNOW the way!

I can show you the way to do this because I've 
earned as much as $100,000 per MONTH. 

I am blessed to be among the top 1% of the top 
1% of earners in this industry (I admit I did 
have great timing, good luck and God's grace 
in my favor!).

That huge win of earning $100,000 a month, was 
with another company that did have extraordinary 
health restoring products...and Anovite has even 
better products and a better pay plan! 

So it's going to be easier.

And yes, I admit I did work more than 4 hours a 
week, because I wanted to go fast, not slow.

But I'm going to explain how you can actually 
do this in as little as just 4 hours a week, ok?

Ready to learn how?

Let's start with a very useful analogy--a simple
deck of cards. 

Have you played card games before? 

I used to a lot when I was a kid. I especially 
remember playing with my Aunt Eloise.Inline image 6

But before we get into how a simple deck of cards 
can be a model for your winning business, get 
ready to smile when you read about how a deck 
of cards can illustrate a marriage!

Image result for marriage is like a deck of cards

Did you think that was funny? A bit brutal, and a bit sad, but still funny!

So in most games, what cards are the best ones to have if you really have to win?

Inline image 4

If you have all 4 aces, what's your chances of winning?

When you have an ace up your sleeve, that's a good start!

But when you have FOUR aces, it's impossible to lose.

With FOUR aces, you know you are going to WIN--WIN--WIN!

If you want a sure bet, a guaranteed huge WIN of
$100,000 income per year, all you need to do is...

Just find FOUR ACES in your "deck of cards" (people), and have them follow the same impossible to fail formula with their deck of cards.

Inline image 1

Following your 4 hours per week formula, you might get lucky and find your 4 ACES in the first ten people you invite to take a look at your "star ship" Enterprise (business).

More likely is that you will have to go through half or maybe all of your "52 cards" to locate the four aces that are hiding somewhere in your deck...but what the heck, IT'S WORTH IT!

So what exactly is an "ACE" in your Triple AAA+ Enterprise? (AAA = Awesome Anovite Adventure!)

An "ACE" is ANYONE who commits to, and actually DOES what you did, which is to go card by card, without prejudice (pre-judging) through THEIR deck of people 
they know, until they find THEIR four aces like you did.

Finding 4 ACES is inevitable, as long as you stay in the game and don't quit.

It's impossible to not find your 4 ACES if you follow my proven "Impossible to Fail" formula!

Of course it takes time! 

But ANYONE who actually commits to 4 hours a week,
and has the integrity to keep their commitment, absolutely WILL find their 4 ACES. 

I promise!

Of course if you want this to happen for you
faster, invest more than just 4 hours a week.

I invest at least 4 hours per DAY--often 12 hours
per day.

So if at all possible, I highly recommend that you invest as much time into this as you can because you will get to where you want to go a lot faster! Makes sense? Makes more dollars too!
So do you want to see the math of how this works?

Inline image 2

This simple 2 step formula is based on 4 by 4's--not a 4 by 4 piece of lumber used in building houses, but this is a 4 by 4 model of building a business that 
will pay you $100,000 per year.

STEP 1: IF you are willing to commit to 
BE THE EXCEPTION, then you will find your 4 ACES by INVESTING your 4 hours per week searching
for your 4 ACES by going through "your deck."

For me, it's FUN, because it's like digging for buried Treasure!

Going through your deck means INVITING (NOT 
selling) people to take a look and maybe discover why you are passionate and committed to this and why they should join the party and you in this "Star Ship Enterprise Adventure"​  to make a difference and make a great income.

You INVITE them to LOOK at 3 things
It's as simple as ABC:

ALOOK at THIS 4 ACES FORMULA (just forward 
this email to them that you are reading or send them
to a website that has this on it). 

BLOOK at the product information at www.J.MP/5QSURVEY.

CLOOK at WHO the people are behind this business, including Dr. Kleinsmith and me (Ray Gebauer) because the WHO is more important than the WHAT (the Product and Pay Plan). 

If the people do not have integrity and competence,
it will not last.

So can you do that? Just INVITE people to look at those 3 things? Not too hard, is it?

STEP 2: Support your ACES to do exactly what YOU did in Step 1--just follow this simple fool proof 4 ACE formula. Like playing follow the leader!

You will be disappointed that most people who look like and commit to being an ACE, really are not a TRUE ACE because they will not have the integrity to keep their commitment and follow this 4 ACE plan of doing what you did in Step One, for one of 3 reasons (covered later). 

But no problem—just remember this… 

Image result for some will some won't so what someone's waiting
Just keep turning over your cards in this exciting Superbowl "game" until you find a REAL ACE.

I just wrote this cute poem for you:

A REAL ACE WILL get, their 4 ACES!

It's just matter of TIME!

So all hands on DECK--stay the course

It WILL be, better than FINE!

Image result for finding four aces

So now let's really do the exact math:

* Your 4 REAL ACES (on your 1st level) find THEIR
  4 REAL ACES (on your 2nd level)

* They find their 4 REAL ACES (on your 3rd level)

* They find their 4 REAL ACES (on your 4th level)

* They find their 4 REAL ACES (on your 5th level)

* They find their 4 REAL ACES (on your 6th level)

When you multiple 4 x 4 six times, you have 5000. 

That means if everyone follows this 4 ACES Formula, by staying on course and finding just 4 REAL ACES, you will have over 5000 people who are getting substantial benefits from these extraordinary life changing

This generates two very nice rewards for you: 

*   The reward of feeling happy and fulfilled 
because you are making a meaningful difference, 

*   The reward of an excellent well deserved stable sustainable income--financial happiness along with security and freedom!

How much income can there be in your better future?

If everyone is ordering just the minimum Smart-Ship 
each month of 50 BV, you will be earning over $100,000 
per year.

How will that work for you?

 Inline image 5

But you may be thinking, "Come on now! Is that realistic?"

Honestly, yes and no.

The FACT is, it is realistic because I had over 850,000 in my group which generated for me a LOT more than $100,000 annually (over nine times that). 

I know MANY people who have way more than 5000 in their group on which they are earning weekly checks. I know of at least 50 people in my own group that became millionaires!

So it IS realistic. Absolutely it is realistic. 

And it is realistic for you, IF you keep your 
commitment and follow this 4 ACE 2 Step FORMULA!

But in another sense, it is NOT realistic in this respect: not everyone who CLAIMS to be a REAL ACE will prove to be REAL ACE!

So when you see that one of your four supposed 
ACES is not a REAL ACE, it's simple--just go 
back to your deck and just find another ACE

That is what everyone needs to do when that 
happens, which it will. I guarantee it!

So how LONG will this take to get to 5000 
active people and be earning $100,000 a year?

I don't know for you, but I do know this.

It is realistic to enroll 4 people in your 
first week--some do it their first day. 

But most take longer than a month, some just 
enroll just 1 or 2, and some never do anything 
which just shows that they were "fake news", 
i.e. not a true ACE!

*    If everyone took 1 month to find their  4 ACES
then it will take only 6 months.

*    If everyone took 2 months to find their 4 ACES
then it will take 12 months.

*    If everyone took 3 months to find their 4 ACES
then it will take 18 months.

*    If everyone took 4 months to find their 4 ACES
then it will take 24 months.

If someone follows this 4 ACE "Impossible to Fail" 
2 Step Formula, finding their 4 REAL ACES is always 
just a matter of time, which means that it is INEVITABLE, that eventually, you'll be better than 
fine whether that takes you 1 year or 4 years.


Inline image 6

For full disclosure, you need to understand these
ten factors that determine whether your income will 
be more, or be less than $100,000 as illustrated. 

The 4 negative usually are far outweighed by the 
6 VERY positive factors, as you will see below!

Four "negative" factors that could make your income LESS than illustrated:

1. The volume in each of the two legs you will be building is never exactly the same as illustrated because not everyone will do what they claim they will do, plus some people will invest way more than 4 hours per week and thus move faster which creates a short term imbalance. 

So the extent that one side is less than the other will lessen your income according to that percentage. 

So if your left side is 20% less in volume than your right side, your income will be 20% less for that week

You offset this by putting more attention into the people on the weaker side (leg) so it can close the gap.

2. Some people will not order every month or will order less than 50 BV (although the company average is $100)

3. Some people, for one of 3 reasons (explained below in the Parable of the Sower and 4 Soils), will not ever get their 4 ACES, even though they had committed to do whatever it takes to do so.

4. Your Team bonuses are capped. Because you get paid for unlimited levels, to stay solvent, the company has to limit the amount it can pay per position. 

So the maximum you can earn in Team (Binary) income in one position is $12,000 per week, regardless how large your group got. 

Sorry--but I am pretty sure you will learn to manage with that limitation.

SIX Positive Factors that could make your income it MORE than illustrated: 

1. Many people will order more than the minimum 50 Business Volume (about $65) every month (the average is 100--mine is over 100).

2. Many of your people will sponsor MORE than just four. 

In fact, ALL your REAL ACES will enroll more than four because no one gets their 4 ACES in the first 4 cards! So you still get paid on the volume from all the people who are not ACES

Plus, just out of the passion for helping people, many will enroll dozens of people like I have (over 75 personally enrolled so far). 

3. If everyone in your group had just one customer (retail or member) who was not a builder, that itself would DOUBLE your income! 

If everyone had 4 customers, that would quadruple your income!

4. You probably will be getting "Love From Above" which is AKA "spill over." 

This means that when someone sponsors their third and additional people, they have to go under someone else in their Team. 

I have people in my group that have hundreds of people placed under them as "Love From Above." Most likely, you will get some too, as does everyone, who has a sponsor that brings in at least 4 people.

5. The above illustration only includes people and their volume on your first 6 levels! 

But you get paid on your 7th level and beyond as well

E.g. if everyone on your 6th level sponsored just ONE person, that would by itself DOUBLE your income.

If everyone on your 6th level sponsored 4 people,
even if they were not ACES, that would increase your volume and income by FIVE TIMES. 

For example, I already am getting paid on levels far beyond my first 6 levels. In fact, I get paid on volume in over 150 levels deep!

6. The above illustration does not even count the other 13 ways to earn income. 

In addition to your basic income from team bonuses
from your two legs (binary), here are five more ways you will also get paid:

* Fast Start Bonuses

* Mentor Bonuses

* Matching Bonuses

* Rank Advancement Bonuses

* Profit Sharing Bonuses from THREE
  Profit Sharing Pools

Image result for profit sharing pool

With a former company, I was getting an extra profit sharing check of over $15,000 a month. 

Plus working with Anovite, you can get car bonuses starting at $100 per week up to $375 per week. 

Plus you can qualify for free luxury trips every year (I recently enjoyed a fantastic company paid trip to Hawaii in October 2016!).


Inline image 7

How would you feel if you earned $1000 your first month?

What would that do for your confidence and excitement?

In addition to long term income, you can also earn $1000 in your first 4 weeks because we DOUBLE your Fast Start bonuses on the $299 packs during your first 28 days. 

All you need to do to earn $1000 is enroll 6 people with the $299 pack, whether they are ACES or even just product users, but it has to be done within your first 28 days to get the DOUBLE bonuses.

Not only do you benefit from the $1000 you've earned, but even more valuable is that now you can use your fast success story to inspire others to believe that THEY can do it too since you did it.

Plus with this taste of success, your belief in yourself will be stronger, which means you can now make money even faster and be better at inspiring others to make money faster too!

This creates a bigger win for everyone, including the people getting priceless value from using the products.


2000 years ago, a famous Jewish Rabbi told this insightful story about a sower sowing seed into 4 kinds of soil. 
Do you remember the story (parable)?  Read it in Mark 4:1-20 & Luke 8:4-15.

According to this fascinating story, some seed landed on hard ground.

Remember what happened

Some seed landed on rocky soil.

Remember what happened? 

Some seed landed on soil with thorns and weeds.

Remember what happened?

Some seed landed on good fertile soil.

Remember what happened?
Inline image 1
The seed represented a critically important MESSAGE and INVITATION (in the original story, the message / invitation was about the coming kingdom).

The condition of the soil represented the heart condition of the listener.

So of course the seed landing on the hard ground (heart) didn't even have a chance to grow because the birds snatched this good seed up.

So here are 4 gold nugget insights in this story for you.

1) Some of your good seed/invitations inevitably 
will land on ground that is hard. These are people 
with a "heart condition" classified as hard because they are closed minded about the life saving gift that you are offering. 

They may have a warm heart in their family, but in terms of your message/invitation, they have a hard heart that prevents them from accepting your offer. They may be a good customer, but it is unlikely they will join. 

But no problem--there is more ground to cover!

2) Some of your good seed/invitations will land on ground with a lot of rocks under the surface. The soil looks good, and the person is initially is quite happy and excited, and they join your team. 

They LOOK like a real ACE, but because of the rocks below the surface (false limiting beliefs such as lack of confidence or motivation), their roots are not able to go deep enough to last in this heart full of rocks (limiting false beliefs)

So "they believe for a while,
but in the time of testing,
they fall away."

3) Some of your good seed/invitations will land 
on ground with too many "weeds and thorns." 

So the life of the sprouting seed is choked out by fear, anxiety, worry and other pleasurable 
distractions--so they don't survive either. 

These are the ones with hearts infected with anxiety, fear, worry, as well as too many competing distractions that give short term pleasure rather than the long term pleasure from staying in the game and winning. 

This heart condition is the insecure heart with way too much anxiety.

4) But the good news, is that SOME of your good seed that you are sowing (4 hours or more per week) lands on good fertile soil (these are the REAL ACES).

According to the master teacher's interpretation, 
this 4th soil represents​​...

"those with a noble and good heart, who hear the message, hold on to it, and by persistence, produce a harvest of thirty, sixty or ONE HUNDREDFOLD."

​​​​ Displaying image.png

So those are the three reasons most people do not last--because they have a serious "heart condition" that prevents them from being an ACE!

To reinforce these critical concepts in this enlightening parable, take 3 minutes right now to watch this animated video: 

The truth is, YOU won't make it either, unless you make sure your heart condition is "noble and good" which will give you the drive, belief, motivation and strong 
enough commitment to BE THE EXCEPTION.

Being the EXCEPTION positions and empowers you to create YOUR harvest of 30X, 60X and even 100-FOLDthat could exceed $100,000 per year of stable income, even starting with working just 4 hours per week!

THAT is why you MUST DELIBERATELY CHOOSE TOBE THE EXCEPTION, because most people won't. 

Even if you don't feel special or exceptional, you can still choose to be the exception; and over time, by staying in the game, you will become quite exceptional!

To create an income of $100,000, all you need is just 4 ACES who like yourself choose to BE THE EXCEPTION, and become the winner they were meant to be, just like you are meant to be!

To reinforce this, take 2 minutes right now to watch this inspiring video, "BE THE EXCEPTION" by Darren Hardy, at 

If you want to reallyACCELERATE your progress 
and success, you must harness the power of HABITS.

Displaying image.png

Here's an excellent short 7 minute animated video on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that YOU and all your people MUST see!

Click here to see it now: 

If you consistently live and do your business with
these 7 HABITS, you WILL BE THE EXCEPTION, and you

Consistent with the 2nd Habit of "Begin with the End in
Mind," I am giving you my Empowerment Worksheet that
once you fill it out, you will have the ROCKET FUEL
to take your Star Ship Anovite Enterprise to the stars!

I've attached it for you. I urge you to complete it and
return it to me within 24 hours because it will energize and empower you to be UNSTOPPABLE, and definitely make it IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL, and make your Success INEVITABLE!
So...can you see yourself earning $100,000 per year?

Can you believe it?

Can you embrace this truth in this poster?

Displaying image.png

By the way, your future $100,000 annual Anovite 
income is the equivalent of getting an interest 
rate of 1% from a bank on TEN MILLION DOLLARS
and living on the interest! (Bank of America's 
current interest rate for a deposit is only .015%!).

How SECURE would you feel if you were living off the interest on TEN MILLION DOLLARS?

How FREE would you feel?

How would you LIVE your life, and what would you
want to do when you have this kind of income?

On a scale of 0 to 10, how badly do you want 
to feel SECURE and FREE Financially?

If you're not at a 9 or 10, then this program
probably is not for you.

But if you are at a TEN, and if you are willing 
100% to follow this 4 ACE 2 STEP IMPOSSIBLE TO 
FAIL FORMULA, then it's just a matter of time 
that you will be able to live the lifestyle of 
your dreams.

You've probably had more than your fair share of
disappointments in business, RIGHT?

THIS is the one that can make up for all the others 
that didn't work out so well!

So now it's YOUR TURN!

My vision is to help and empower 1000 people earn
100,000 per year.

Do you want to be one of them, right?

One last important point I need to make to put
every thing in proper perspective.

Ultimately, the most important benefit we are
offering people is not wealth, it's better 

THAT is what is most priceless, right?

So every time, you and your people have some
one accept your invitation to join the party,
the biggest win is that your reach is being
extended in helping others with their health!

Displaying image.png

Well, I've perhaps made this too long with too much detail, but I wanted you to fully understand not just how this can work, but how it can work for YOU!

So was it worth it to take the time to read all this? 

Was it worth your time to watch the videos?

To get the FULL value and impact from this message, 
because we forget more than half of what we read, 
I am asking you to do yourself a big favor and read 
this through 3 times, ok?

Call me or your sponsor if you have any questions, ok?

I am here for you. We are here for you.

We believe in you.

I hope you are a REAL ACE with that "noble and good heart" because that is the kind of person we need to get this life changing life enriching message to the world!

Happy Heart Ray Gebauer

Master Coach and Trainer
Inspiring & Guiding You to Greatness
  • International Speaker and Author of Eight Best Selling Books
  • 40 years of empowering others to feel better & live longer 
  • Generated a Billion Dollars of sales with a single company

"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act."  King Solomon (3000 years ago), Proverbs 3:27

"Give up your small ambitions, and come with me to save the world." - St. Francis Xavier

"It is very dangerous to go into eternity with possibilities which one has oneself prevented from becoming realities...A possibility is a hint from God. One must follow it."  Soren Kierkegaard 1813 – 1855

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