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S T R E S S E D ? IMAGINE YOU...A Cash Flow Millionaire in 5-6 months? █▬█ ERE'S █▬█ OW!

I got a good story. Want to hear it?

As you already know, most people are STRESSED
and  STRUGGLING  with financial pressure and

78% of working adults are living paycheck 
to paycheck​.

Just trying to survive.

No security. No plan B. Stressed every month.

Most people have all their eggs in one 
small fragile financial basket. 

Some people are living on the edge...could 
suddenly lose everything.

Did you know that STRESS from not having 
enough money increases your risk of a 
sudden fatal heart attack by 1300%?

Just one sudden fatal heart attack could 
ruin your whole day, right?

Are you ok with that?

NOTE: I know this message is long, but
it is shorter than a good movie, and this 
could change your life. 

Be smart and invest your time to carefully 
read EVERY WORD of this!
You'll see! Ok, please continue to the end....

So you have two simple options:

1. Do something different, so as to get 
different results, such as escaping the 
STRESS of not having enough money and 
security, and achieve success and significance

2. Do nothing. Just keep doing what you're 
doing, learn to live with the STRESS, and 
take your chances

Most people choose option One--how about you?

Ready to explore the first option?

Do you see that Option One could be the 
better possibility for you and your family?

Most people would like to have the rest
of their life be the best of their life.

How about you? 

Most people see this Option One as a fresh, 
more excitingmore secure option.

So I am inviting you to...

Take my DARE...become a Cash Flow Millionaire!

In 5-6 months, maybe longer, this could be you:

Yes! I'm a Cash Flow Millionaire!!!

Or will it be more like this?

WOW! I'm a Cash Flow Millionaire!!!
Image result for million dollar bill  

I have an exciting story for you!


It's a story about YOU, in which you can 
become the Hero, in your own story.


As a Compassionate Caring Connecting 
Entrepreneur, you can be HELPING a LOT 
of people feel better, look better, 
feel more FULLY ALIVE, and live longer. 


By giving them a simple easy OPTION to 
Optimize Self-Healing and get their health 
back by showing them how easy it is to get 
their body to release their very own dormant 
inactive supercells, i.e. their stem cells. 

That FEELING you get from helping others--
would you agree that THAT'S MORE REWARDING 
than making money?

And as your financial reward, by following 
this Strategy Of Minimal Effort (consistently)
you can become a Millionaire on one of three 

First become a Level One CASH FLOW Millionaire.

Being CASH FLOW Millionaire...

How would that make you feel?

So exactly what IS a "Level One" 
CASH FLOW Millionaire?

That would be YOU, once you have a
monthly income equivalent to the 
interest you would receive from a bank
on a million dollars ($1,000,000.00).

E.g. Bank of America normally pays 
between .3% and 1%, depending on terms.

So at the high end, let's say they paid you
the top rate of 1% on 1.2 million dollars 
in a Certificate of Deposit.

That means you get $12,000 a year

That's $1000/month.

That makes you a Level One CASH FLOW Millionaire!

This is the GRAND PRIZE of Royalty type 
(AKA residual) Income. 

As a Caring Connector in your Cerule
Adventure, you get a simple impossible-to-fail 
way to earn money while you sleep, that's 
NOT LIMITED to just what YOU DO

Instead, it's based on what you START, and 
then on the Minimal Effort of others.

Image result for warren buffett make money while you sleep

So, imagine yourself as a Level One 
CASH FLOW Millionaire, earning money 
while you sleep, with Multiple
Streams of Income...

How does that make you feel?

How much difference would it make in your life?

​And good news! It could get​ even​ better,

Once you reach $1000/month, it doesn't just 
stop there.

$1000/month CASH FLOW Millionaire can be 
just the first milestone in your Cerule 

Then it is inevitable, that within just a 
matter of time that you reach $2000/month
then $5000, and if you stay on track, over 

Full disclosure--most people will NOT do 
what it takes to achieve these levels, 
but with our help, by just doing a 
the exception.

Some of you (most people don't) will eventually 
become a Level TWO CASH FLOW Millionaire by 
actually EARNING a million dollars a year!

I've done this myself before and am on the 
way to doing it again, AND helping others 
get there too, like even maybe you!

My partner, Mark Parsekian, has ALREADY 
earned over a million dollars with Cerule 
within his first four years.

My goal is to help 1000 people become 
Cash Flow Millionaires in Cerule within 
two years. 

That means that ONE MILLION DOLLARS will 
be paid per month to those 1000 IBO's 
(1000 people times $1000 a month equals 
$1,000,000 a month!).

Cerule is already paying out $700,000 a 
month in commissions and bonuses to the 
IBO's, which will probably exceed a 
MILLION dollars a month by the end of 2021.

I believe that YOU can be one of these
Cash Flow Millionaires (CFM's).

Would you like to be one of these 1000 CFM's 
in our Cerule Community?

And imagine if you can help a dozen people  
get there having 12 disciples! 

You'd be their hero, right?

Some of you may eventually become a Level THREE
Millionaire by actually accumulating a net worth
of a million dollars!


What do you need to DO, for YOU to become a CASH FLOW Millionaires by working with me, 
your sponsor and Mark Parsekian in Cerule?

Life can be HARD

Difficult and CRUEL

This could be your time

To win with Cerule.

Strategy Of Consistent Minimal Effort 
(The Power of ONE)

This simple model is based on you and everyone
in your group doing a minimal effort of helping
just one person a month come into your community 
as an active advocate (Independent Business Owner).


Now that's believable and very attainable.

Most people will say, "I can do that!"

Isn't that what you thought too?

If you knew you would be a Level One 
CASH FLOW Millionaire (earning $1000 
a month) in 5 months, and earning 
$10,000+ a month in 12-24 months, wouldn't 
you do whatever it takes to MAKE SURE 
that you've helped at least ONE person start
a month, and MAKE SURE that everyone else 
also did this minimal effort?

However, in your first month, YOU will 
want to "hit the gas pedal" by actually 
enrolling THREE instead of just one.


It's because by doing that, you will 
recover 100% of the money you invested 
when you started. Sound good?

Also by doing this in just your first month, 
helping 3 people join instead of just one, 
you can expect your long term income to 
TRIPLE, even if no one else does that!

You'll be a Level One CASH FLOW Millionaire 
(earning $1000 a month) in just 5 months if 
you and everyone else stays consistent with 
their commitment to this simple plan to enroll 
just one person a month, with at least the 
"personal pack" for $299, and stay active 
with a Wellness pack plus one bottle (four
bottles total for $200).

You'll be earning DOUBLE THAT ($2000/month
the next (6th) month, if you and everyone 
else stays consistent with their commitment 
to this strategy of MINIMAL EFFORT to enroll 
just one person a month.

Your income will DOUBLE AGAIN ($4000/month
the next (7th) month, PLUS another $5000 in 
a Rank Advancement Bonus for a total earned 
of $10,000), but ONLY IF you and everyone else 
stay consistent with their commitment to this
MINIMAL EFFORT strategy/plan to enroll just 
one person a month.

IF everyone actually stays true to this ONE 
NEW IBO A MONTH PLAN, at the end of the year, 
just your monthly unilevel income through 7 
levels would be over $50,000 a month.

Plus you would be getting an override on 
the entire company because you would be at 
the Chairman Rank.

But it probably will not work out quite like 
this, because at least half of the people 
who "agreed" to this minimal effort strategy will 
miss one or more months of helping just one 
person join. 

They will "break the chain."

You can't count on everyone doing what they 
said they would do, even when the reward is 
so compelling and spectacular!

So what if instead, your income at the end 
of your first year was only $4000 or $5,000 
a month? 

Would you be ok with that?

What if it took you 2-4 years to reach 
$10,000, or $50,000 a month?

Would it be worth it to "stay in the game?"

To help people stay consistent with keeping 
on track with this MINIMAL EFFORT Strategy, 
I highly recommend five things:

1. Have them watch this 7-minute video at  www.J.MP/DONOTBREAKTHECHAIN and check 
with them at least once a week to remind 
them to "not break the chain."

2. To offset and make up for the ones who 
do "break the chain," by not enrolling one 
IBO a month, set the example yourself, and 
encourage your members to shoot for enrolling 
ONE per week. 

Some IBO's, including myself, help 10 or more 
people join in a single month. The record in
one month is 147!

So helping ONE person per week is definitely 
doable, and ONE per month is a minimal effort 
(sort of like minimum wage).

3. Strongly encourage your new enrollees, 
and teach them to encourage their new 
enrollees, to do what you did, which is 
to earn 100% of your investment back the 
first month by enrolling three people with 
the same pack or higher that you started 
with, rather than just one enrollment the 
first month.

Helping three people join the first month 
also generates your first of six Rank 
Advancement Bonuses, of an extra $100 (with 
a group volume of 1000 points). 

Subsequent Rank Advancement bonuses (fast 
track) are $300, $750, $1500, $2500 and 
$5000 for a total of $10,100.

4. Commit to having at least 3 Preferred 
customers (not IBO's) getting a Wellness 
Pack (3 bottles) each month, and encourage 
your people to do the same, BECAUSE that 
gives each of you an extra $150 per month 
which pays for your own Wellness Pack which 
makes it "free." 

Plus if everyone did this in addition to 
enrolling one IBO a month, these three 
Preferred Customers would quadruple your 
volume and get you to Chairman in 1/4th 
the time!

5. Make it your "rule" and your HABIT, to 
have at least ONE conversation per day with 
someone who needs to hear about this, and 
get your members to agree to this as well. 

You can do that in just 5-30 minutes a day!
If at all possible, I recommend that you 
commit to at least 1-2 hours per day in 
creating your better future with Cerule, 
because it WILL pay off for you!

In my personal experience, in another company, 
I reached $30,000 a month my first year. 

Within 14 years, my group actually grew to 
almost a MILLION people and I earned over 
ten million dollars (not typical, but it IS 

But for now, all YOU need to do is just 
focus on your first milestone of becoming a 
Cash Flow Millionaire, because with this 
MINIMAL EFFORT Plan, THAT is very doable. 

You'll see.

Ask yourself this serious question...

"Can I do this?"

If your heart tells you "yes, I think so", 
why is it that you feel you could do this?

If you are leaning toward maybe or yes, 

Then I'm inviting you to join the party/adventure 
and play this "Superbowl game", 



1. Join us as an IBO for just $25 and invest 
into yourself and your better future 
(making your dream come true) by buying 
one of the Fast Start Packs. 

It's critical that you take this business 
just as seriously as if you had paid or 
financed a franchisee for a million dollars 
because it has the same or greater value.  

Most people will take advantage of the 
business packs if they realize the value, 
especially the "Super Pack" for $1499 which 
gives you a much greater value, including being 
"grandfathering" into a higher rank which 
means you are immediately paid down further 

Plus the company waives the $25 membership 
fee when you start with the $499, $999 or 
$1499 business pack which means you are joining for 
FREE, and you get free shipping too.

By joining with a bigger pack, you will 
make more money faster because most people 
will do what you did.

Are you ok with earning just a $100 fast 
start bonus when you enroll someone on 
the $299 pack if instead you could be 
earning $350 or $500? 

And it's far more beneficial for them as well.

Enroll just 3 IBO's who get the pack you 
got in the first month, and you've got all 
your money back. 

The best value is the "Super Pack" whether 
or not you are a doctor or any kind of 

If there is ANY way you can afford it, I 
urge you to take advantage of the $1499 Super
pack because you get the best value.

PLUS, by helping just three people get this 
same Super Pack, and with just one of them 
doing the same thing in a calendar month,  
your NET COST per bottle is only $11.66 
(vs. $79 retail)!

That is in addition to having earned $15000 
by enrolling just three people with this Super pack!

2. Before you complete your order, set up 
your auto-ship of a Wellness Pack of the 
three products of your choice (priceless, 
but a $250 retail value for only $150) 
plus a 4th bottle to either use or have 
to give as a sample bottle or to sell. 

Most people get one or two StemEnhance 
Ultra, the Cyactive and PlasmaFlow (that's 
what I did). 

This gives you an additional discount and 
you get free shipping too.

As soon as you have 3 Preferred customers 
getting the wellness pack, your Wellness 
Pack is essentially free because you get 
an extra $150 monthly bonus.

3. Is it ok if I HELP you help your first 
three people to join you? I'll talk to 
them FOR you! 

DO NOT try to do this all by yourself, ok? 

Mark and I are eager to help YOU get to 
where you want to go as fast as you want 
to get there, especially to being a "Cash 
Flow Millionaire" within 5-6 months, ok? 

Then to make this work for everyone, each 
person joining your team would follow these 
same three easy steps too.​

If you implement this simple strategy, I 
PROMISE YOU, becoming a​ Level One​ CASH FLOW 
Millionaire becomes far easier, faster and 
actually inevitable. 

EVERYONE who has embraced and followed this 
proven formula of consistent MINIMAL EFFORT 
has succeeded. 

You will too IF you and your people just 
follow the Minimal Effort Strategy/plan. 

The members on your team can all become 
Cash Flow Millionaires too if they follow 
your example. I promise.

By following this MINIMAL EFFORT Strategy
you will become the HERO in your own story. 

You will surprise your family​ and friends. 

You'll get more respect and appreciation.

Instead of chasing the Dream, you will be 
able to live the Dream--YOUR Dream.

Plus you'll be the HERO for your team ​by 
leading the way and helping them get to 
where they want to go, and live their dream!

By the way, what is YOUR dream?

My dream is to help one million people 
optimize their self-healing by using Cerule 

Maybe your dream would be to help 10,000 
people, or maybe just 1000, through the 
collective efforts of your community.

If 1000 seems hard to believe, imagine 
helping 100 people.

Mother Theresa once said, 

"If you can't feed (help) 100 people, feed one."

That's all you need to do--just help ONE person 
a month using this MINIMAL EFFORT STRATEGY
and encourage your growing community to follow 
the same simple strategy of helping just ONE 
person a month, consistently.

So are you ready to go? Want to start?

So now the next step is up to you.

Just get back to the person who believed in 
you enough to share with you this pathway to 
becoming a Cash Flow Millionaire and say one 
of three things:

1. "Thanks but no thanks--I already have 
enough money and feel totally secure", or, 
"I don't believe I can do this."

2. "Sounds great, but I have a couple questions"

3. "I'm all in! I don't have a better plan! 
I want to be a Social Entrepreneur, and be the 
HERO in my own story by making a difference for 
LOTS of people who DESERVE better health and 
become a Cash Flow Millionaire! Let's start now!"


You ALSO get "Bridge Money" immediately, 
as often as every week, along the way, as 
you and your team build the Residual Income 
on your way to Cash Flow Millionaire.

Your Bridge Money is the Fast Start Bonuses 
(30% commission) you get every time you help 
someone get a pack of products,  as an IBO.

So for example, let's say you could only 
afford to get the Personal Pack for $299 
which gives you your choice of 6 bottles. 

As soon as you help three people do that, 
you've earned $300, so yours now is "free."

Better yet, you get the Pro Pack for $499 
(which saves you the $25 enrollment fee). 

You get more product and as soon as you 
help three people do that, you've earned 
your money back, so yours now is "free."

Even better is to get the Elite Pack for $999. 

You get 22 bottles. Enroll three people with 
this pack, and you got your money back!

Now every time you help someone join your 
team at this level, you earn $325. 

So ten people who get this pack earns you $3250!

But the best option, which is what most people 
do if they can afford it (or borrow the money), 
is get the SUPER (Practitioner) Pack for $1499 
(retail value is $2400). 

You get 30 bottles. Enroll just three people with 
this pack, and you got your money back!

Now every time you help someone join your 
team at this level, you earn $500. 

So ten people who get this pack earns you $5000!

So some people actually earn $1000 to $3000 
in this exciting "Bridge Money" their first 
month! Maybe you will too!

Wait...there's more!


Over the span of 6-13 months, you can earn 
an EXTRA $10,000 in extra bonus money from 
just 6 Rank Advancements! 

How would an extra $10,000 bonus make you feel?

In my first six months, I earned the $10,000 
Rank Advancement bonuses, which means I am 
qualified for the free trip to Hawaii.

You can do it too!


Cerule just did something borderline INSANE--definitely UNPRECEDENTED!

They increased the $10,000 rank Advancement Bonuses by 100 TIMES!

That means that instead of earning $10,000 in extra bonuses, you can receive up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

UNBELIEVABLE! But it's for real!

Roses are red

Violets are blue

This is something


THIS is an exciting life-changing game you can play, and WIN!

Everyone on your team can win! 

Just get serious, make a serious one-year commitment, and Mark and I will help you so that it's IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL, and your success will become INEVITABLE.

* WHY? (What's your dream?) 




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Radio Show, starting with the first 
in my series of 9 shows on the Secret 
Cure for Stress, Anxiety and Fear 
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Coach, Russ DeVan

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The REST of your life can be the BEST of your Life


IF you follow this system and let me help you, Failure is IMPOSSIBLE, and your Success is INEVITABLE!

Sadly, MOST people will fail because they will NOT
follow our system, but YOU can BE THE EXCEPTION 
if you are coachable and commit to never quit!

We can help you do that! I promise!

Ray Gebauer
Your Cerule Connection, Support and Trainer

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