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S T R E S S E D ? IMAGINE YOU...A Cash Flow Millionaire in 90-180 days? █▬█ ERE'S █▬█ OW!

I got a good story. Want to hear it?

As you already know, most people are STRESSED
and  STRUGGLING  with financial pressure and
uncertainty. No security. No plan B.

Most people have all their eggs in one small 
financial basket. They live on the edge...could 
suddenly lose everything.

Did you know that STRESS from not having enough 
money increases your risk of a sudden fatal heart
attack by 1300%?
But YOU have another possibility. 

A new, better, more secure option.

The New Millionaire by Success Club!

In 90 days, this could be you:

Yes! I'm a Cash Flow Millionaire!!!

Or will it be more like this?

WOW! I'm a Cash Flow Millionaire!!!
Image result for million dollar bill  

I have an exciting story for you!


It's a story about YOU, in which you 
can become the Hero, in your own story.


As a Social Entrepreneur, you can be 
HELPING a LOT of people feel better,
look better, live longer and get their 
health back. THAT'S REWARDING!

And as your financial reward, through
the Millionaires by Success Club, you can 
become a Millionaire on one of three

First become a Level One CASH FLOW Millionaire.

Being CASH FLOW Millionaire...

How would that make you feel?

So exactly what IS a "Level One" 
CASH FLOW Millionaire?

That would be YOU, once you have a
monthly income equivalent to what 
interest would pay you from a bank
on a million dollars ($1,000,000.00).

E.g. Bank of America would pay you
between .3% and 1%, depending on terms.

So at the high end, let's say they paid you
the top rate of 1% on a 1.2 million dollars 
in a Certificate of Deposit.

That means you get $12,000 a year. That's $1000/month.

That makes you a Level One CASH FLOW Millionaire!

This is the PRIZE of Residual (Royalty type) Income. 

Anovite gives you this brilliant way to earn money
while you sleep, that's not LIMITED to just what
YOU do--it's based on what others are doing.
Image result for warren buffett make money while you sleep

So, being a Level One CASH FLOW Millionaire
earning money while you sleep, with Multiple
(70+) Streams of Income...

How would you feel?

How much difference would it make in your life?

​And good news! It could get​ even​ better.

Once you reach $1000/month, it doesn't just stop.

$1000/month CASH FLOW Millionaire is just the 
first milestone in your Awesome Anovite Adventure.

Now it's just a matter of time that you reach 
$2000/mo., then $5000, and if you stay on track, 
over $10,000/month, which is what my business is 
already generating in my Anovite Adventure.

Some of you will eventually become a Level TWO
CASH FLOW Millionaire by actually EARNING a 
million dollars a year!

I've done it before and am on the way to doing 
it again, AND helping others get there too, like
even maybe you!

Some of you will eventually become a Level THREE
Millionaire by actually accumulating a net worth
of a million dollars!


What do you need to DO, for YOU to become one of the
growing number of CASH FLOW Millionaires in Anovite?

I have THREE OPTIONS (plans/paths) for you to choose
to become a Level One CASH FLOW Millionaire.

Just choose which ever is most comfortable for you, ok?

PLAN A: Gets you there in 90 days (Sprinting on the FAST Track)

PLAN B: Gets you there in 180 days (Jogging at a medium pace) 

PLAN C: Gets you there in one year (Walking)

Want to see the details?

In each plan, you need only about ​​70 people to get there, 
or maybe more, depending on a couple factors.

One way to build a team of ​​70 people is using a simple
4 x 4 x 4 structure.

Image result for 4 by 4 by 4

​That means you enroll 4, who each enroll 4, who each
enroll 4. That's 4 + 16 + 64 = 84 (active) Advocates 

​If everyone stays on track (which not everyone 
will!), you actually only need 70 people.

So to make up for those who don't stay in the game,
you and your team members need to continue to enroll
1-2 people per month in addition to the ​​4 x 4 x 4 
Advocate structure.

In fact, if everyone consistently enrolled just ​​ONE 
person a month, you'd have a team of ​​4096 people, 
in one year​, which is way more than 84!​

My Team Life Changers in Anovite is 4000 members
right now (not all are zealous Advocates).

That's just an early stage. I know because in a 
previous company, my team actually grew to 850,000.

But for now, all YOU need to do is just focus on your
first milestone of creating a team of 70-84 active 
committed Advocates, because with this formula, that
you will be learning, THAT is very doable. You'll see.

Remember too that when your team of 70 each enrolls
just one more person, that will DOUBLE your income!

The only difference among the Plans A, B & C 
is the speed you want to go, and the resulting 
time frame it takes to get your team of 70.

If you and everyone enroll their 4 within their first 
month (one per week), everyone is sprinting on the
Plan A Track, and are a CASH FLOW Millionaire in 90 days.

If you and everyone enroll their 4 within their first
60 days (two per month), everyone is jogging on the 
Plan B Track, making you a CASH FLOW Millionaire in 180 days.

If you and everyone enroll their 4 within their first 
month (one per month), everyone is walking on the
Plan C Track, making you a CASH FLOW Millionaire in one year.

So are you ready to play, WHO WANTS TO BE A CASH FLOW MILLIONAIRE?

So which Plan do you want? Will you choose A, B or C?


1. Join for FREE as a Customer buying the Total Health Pack
or Family Pack, for $299.95 ($500+ retail value)

2. Enroll as an Advocate (Associate) for $39.95 ($400 Value)

3. Enroll for FREE in the MASTERCLASS TRAINING ACADEMY (created by Stephen Gregg) and follow the Proven IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL Training "to the T".

I'm giving you a FREE Lifetime Membership, which you in turn will give to your new people as YOUR Training Program.

Click here now to get your Free Lifetime Membership:  

Then to make this work for everyone, you and each person
joining your team would follow these same easy steps too.​

If you implement what you learn in this Training, I 
PROMISE YOU, becoming a​ Level One​ CASH FLOW Millionaire 
becomes far easier, faster and inevitable. 

EVERYONE who has embraced and followed this proven formula
has succeeded. 

You will too. So will the members on your team. I promise.

So you will become the HERO in your own story, to yourself
and your family​.

Plus you'll be the HERO for your team ​by leading the way!

Are you ready to go? Want to start?

So now the next step is up to you.

Just get back to the person who believed in you
enough to share with you this pathway to becoming
Cash Flow Millionaire and say one of three things:

1. Thanks but no thanks--I already have enough money

2. Sounds great, but I have a couple questions

3. I'm all in! I don't have a better plan! 
I want to be a Social Entrepreneur, and be the 
HERO in my own story by making a difference for 
LOTS of people and become a Cash Flow Millionaire! 
Let's start now!


You ALSO get "Bridge Money" immediately, as often as
every week, along the way, as you and your team build
the Residual Income on your way to Cash Flow Millionaire.

Your Bridge Money is the Fast Start Bonuses you get every
time you help someone get a pack of products, either as a customer or as an Advocate (associate).

Some people earn $1000 to $3000 in this exciting "Bridge Money" their first month! You can too!Image result for million dollar bill 

Roses are red

Violets are blue

This is something


THIS is an exciting life-changing game you can play, and WIN!

Everyone on your team can win! 

Just get serious, make a serious one-year commitment, join and get engaged with our FREE Training system created by Stephen Gregg.

* WHY? (I'm sure you have at least one good reason!) 




​First, take advantage of the Free Lifetime Training Membership by clicking  here:

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May the REST of your life be the BEST of your Life!​

We can help you do that! I promise!

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