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How to SUPERCHARGE ANY Food, Supplement or Healthy Activity

How to SUPERCHARGE ANY Supplement or Healthy Activity to Dramatically Increase Your Benefits
By Ray Gebauer ~ (360) 583-2227

What if you could, within just a couple seconds, super charge any supplement, food, or activity, so as to get far greater benefits for your health?

Some very smart researchers at Harvard University discovered a simple mental technique that can greatly enhance almost anything. 

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The study involved eighty-some hotel room cleaning attendants from seven different hotels.

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The hotel room attendants received a lot of exercise in the course of doing their daily jobs, which included cleaning an average of 15 rooms per day at about 25 minutes per room.  This work involves a good deal of exercise in carrying things, scrubbing, lifting objects, vacuuming, etc.

The researchers set out to examine the effects on the hotel attendants of making them aware of how beneficial the exercise they got while working was for their health. They wanted to see if this awareness increased the results that they actually received from the exercise they were getting from their work.

One group was informed about the benefits of the exercise they were getting automatically from their work, including how many calories they were burning doing such activities as changing sheets, vacuuming, and scrubbing toilets, etc.

To strengthen this awareness of the benefits of exertion at work, they put this information in writing, listing the number of calories each job activity was using up, and reminded then daily with a poster.

The other half was made to be the control group. They were simply informed of the general benefits of exercise. They were NOT told that their work actually was a good form of exercise or how many calories they were burning up with each particular activity.

The study lasted for four weeks. 

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The researchers made sure that none of the participants had changed their exercise habits, smoking, or eating habits outside of work.  This assured that there was no external lifestyle factor that could have accounted for the results of the study.

In addition, the hotel managers assured that the workloads of both groups stayed the same throughout the entire experiment.

Here are the results of this study

The first group, who were informed daily about the calorie-burning effects of their normal work routines, ended up losing a significant amount of weight, lowered their body mass index and waist-to-hip ratio, and decreased their blood pressure.

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The control group of hotel attendants who were not made aware of the health benefits of working showed NONE of these improvements.

The only thing that was different between the two groups was simply that the one group was constantly being made aware of how beneficial the exercise during their work was for their health and how many calories they were burning. This shows the difference our mind can make when we are aware and expecting positive results.

So how is this relevant to you?

If you expect to get benefits from a particular activity, such as your work, your exercise program, sleeping, the healthy foods you are eating, such as the sleep you are getting, or the supplements you are taking such as Stem Cell Reactivation Extracts, or the value of friendships or being loved, you will gain far more benefit from that activity simply when you are expecting positive results.

For example, if you want to burn more fat when you work out (ideally with intensity) or when use the Avacen “Miracle Machine”, or take Stem Cell Reactivation Extracts, or when you sleep, or get some direct sunlight, you need to mentally visualize the specific results you are expecting to be getting, and feel happy and excited about the results that you’re expecting.

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When you eat healthy food or take a supplement, don't do it mindlessly or casually, simply because you know intellectually that it should help.

Eat your food, take your supplements and do any health-enhancing activity or technique with a FEELING of excitement, EXPECTING to get great benefits.

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To make this even more effective, actually say to yourself, 

This _____ will help my body fix __________ (whatever your problem is)!

This is what I always do to amplify and maximize the health benefits of whatever I'm doing or taking, not just food and supplements, but walking outside in the fresh air, exercise, getting sunlight, sleeping or using my favorite Medical Device, the "Miracle Wellness Machine" to fix microcirculation and reduce inflammation.
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Most people are not aware of how powerful their mind really is, and how it can either diminish their potential results, or enhance them.

Another great benefit of positive expectation is that it makes it easier to avoid unhealthy habits such as eating junk foods or watching excess TV, because you want to be able to think about how EVERYTHING you do is improving your body instead.

So while this simple process is easy to do, it is even easier not to do.

So I urge you make a conscious effort to always anticipate and expect specific positive results in anything you do, because by doing this, you will get far better and faster results, simply by just thinking about and feeling excited and grateful for the benefits you are expecting!

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