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I got a good story for you!


Imagine YOU becoming a HERO in your own story because you had five "unfair" advantages that positioned you to embark on an adventure in which you create a better future for yourself and for the ones you care about most! 



Want to read my "U.F.O." story?




(In Latin, "Cerule" means “brilliant blue”) 


Roses are Red

Cerule is Blue

This “Fountain of Youth”

Will make you NEW


Like audio? Then listen to me explain these Five Top Unfair Advantages in more detail on my radio show broadcast--just click here:

Feeling adventurous?

I have a dream. My dream is to help one million people turn back the clock of time to regain their physical, emotional and financial health. We can reach a million people faster if we work together!

 What is your dream

Want to help yourself and FEEL GOOD by helping a lot of people at the same time?

Everyone ALREADY wants to win*, right? *win emotionally and financially by helping others

Everyone knows it's easier to WIN, and achieve your dream when you have a significant advantage right?

But when it's a major advantage that stacks the odds in your favor, it's like having an "UNFAIR ADVANTAGE."

Want to know the TOP FIVE REASONS (and "unfair advantages") why multi-million dollar earners like Mark Parsekian, Robert Dean* and myself are becoming owners (Independent Business Owners) with Cerule?



To make it easier for you to remember, I've arranged these top five "UNFAIR ADVANTAGES" in this simple "S.T.O.R.Y." acronym: 








While you may not personally need a system to have success, 96% of your team, as you know, will fail and not make money if they don't have an effective dynamic system that creates duplication. 

Are you ok with 98% of your team NOT making money?

Imagine an innovative system, proven for 20 years, that results in 75% of the people duplicating and making money as opposed to only 3-4%!

Imagine a game-changer system in which a person is not pushed out of their comfort zone where they have to sell, which makes most people uncomfortable.

For most people, selling (or "sharing") is way out of their comfort zone, which means they can not tolerate this for long. 

So they STOP, to avoid the anticipated "pain of rejection" which means duplication never happens, they make no money and feel like a failure again.

This just adds to the stress of already not making enough money.

Did you know what the #1 most harmful stress is?

Studies have determined that the most harmful stress is not making enough money.

The people most stressed by not having enough money had THIRTEEN TIMES the rate of dying from a heart attack! Yikes!

Evidently, making enough money can be a life or death issue, which is all the more reason to have a way to earn the money you need!

What to solve this huge dangerous problem of not making enough money?

Here's how you can do it.

The Residual Income Success Plan allows a person to stay IN their comfort zone.

This means they do NOT ever have to give a presentation, close a sale or train people because all this is outsourced to a call center that does all that for you.

Plus you and your team get live training, accountability and coaching too.

This results in a 70% success/duplication rate, which means people are actually making money, versus the typical 2-3%, which is a failure rate of 97-98%.

Are you ok with the typical dismal 3-4% success for your team, or would you rather them have a 75% success rate?

Get a quick overview of this duplication strategy by watching this 3 minute video:


Would you agree that having an effective marketing, training and lead generation "Done for You" system that includes a call center that does the calling, follow up, closing, enrolling, training and coaching for you, would be a huge unfair advantage FOR YOU and your team?



As you know, the illusion of a ground floor opportunity "advantage" usually fades into disappointment because startup companies are HIGH RISK, and 95% of them fail.

How would you feel about getting on a brand new cruise ship that had a 95% chance of going down while you were on it?

On the other hand, you don't want to go with a company that is too old, with no momentum, which most people have heard about and are not open to it.

Cerule is perfect timing because it is a solid five-year old company, already operating in 73 countries, with 10 offices around the world and over 100,000 loyal customers.

But because they had no marketing tools or system until a few months ago, they were ignored and passed over by the big hitters.

This means, Cerule is still virtually unknown and is perhaps the best secret in the MLM industry, which works to your advantage.

However, simply based on the extraordinary results people were getting from this "Edible Health and Life Insurance" food products, even without the tools and systems we now have, including the amazing Rapid Funnel phone app, my business partner Mark Parsekian has already earned over a million dollars with this company. And we have other top earners in France and Taiwan.

Would you agree that the right timing would be a huge unfair advantage FOR YOU and your team?



As you may know, the primary reason most companies fail is because the owners lack competence or integrity and many times both.

The two co-owners have many years of successful experience. Andy Goodwin is from New Zealand and Jono Lester is from South Africa, and are operating Cerule here in North America.


Chief Sales & Marketing Officer & Co-Owner

Andy, a native New Zealander, brings over 30 years of experience in this industry, spanning from his early days as a distributor of cosmetics, and worked his way through warehouse operations to customer service and finally management. He has extensive experience in the industry across multiple markets and languages. He has lived and conducted business in the UK, Europe, Russia, North America and Asia Pacific, and has even owned his own Company in this arena. 

He has been part of successful purchases and sales of previous Companies. His unique experience best positions him now to do what he loves and that is, creating the environment for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results, in all areas of life, health, wealth, and personal growth. 

He gets a huge sense of achievement when his team grow beyond their wildest dreams and realize just what they are capable of. He says, "with Cerule, we are now positioned to make a real difference to all who join us."

He is married with 2 children, a qualified ocean-going skipper, adores boating and sailing, scuba diving and fishing, and in the winter loves to ski with his family.


Chief Executive Officer & Co-Owner

Jonathan “Jono” brings more than 20 years of global corporate executive experience to the team at Cerule. Having graduated from law school in his native Johannesburg, Jono spent the next decade working in a range of diverse industries for small companies and a large multi-national, including leading a division of a Fortune 100 firm for a number of years.

Jono is responsible for finance, HR, operations, logistics and our international business at Cerule.

When not at work, Jono enjoys traveling, motorsport, golf, fine wine and gastronomy. He currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his two teenage children - Jesse (an aspiring golfer) and Gabriella (an aspiring artist and musician).

Jono has a law degree from the University of Johannesburg and an MBA from Bond University in Australia.


Want to see some interesting proof that these owners are competent and they know what they are doing?

The annual average revenue growth among all MLM companies averages only 2%.

In contrast, Cerule had a 22% increase in revenue in 2019 over 2018 (and an exceptional increase of 800% in 2018 over 2017)

Here are some of the high-profile companies that had a concerning decrease in the same time frame (from 2018 to 2019):

Amway fell by 5%

Shaklee fell by 7%

Herbalife stagnant at 0%

Avon fell 15%

Tupperware fell 13%

Jeunesse fell 25%

USANA fell 11%

Mannatech fell 9%

WorldVentures fell 11%

Zurvita fell 26%

Isagenix fell 23%

Futurenet fell 62% 

Cerule increased by 22%

Commissions and bonuses paid by Cerule to their IBO's (Independent Business Owners) is now over $700,000 per MONTH! Want a slice of that apple pie?

How do you feel after seeing these numbers?

What is your conclusion from this, and what are you going to do based on this?

Would you agree that having experienced competent owners you can trust is a major advantage?




Most people do not realize that nutritional supplements merely nourish existing cells, but do not facilitate organ and joint REGENERATION and repair.

ONLY your stem cells can do that.

Antioxidants, immune support and superfoods--these are all old STALE boring stories that people have heard over and over.


Watch this 82-second video because you can actually watch a leg grow back in 90 days:

Click here: http://j.mp/Regrowlegs 

One sea animal can even regrow its head!

Most people already know that stem cells can facilitate miracles, but how many people can afford $10,000 to $50,000 to get stem cell therapy from a medical clinic?

Imagine this...

Within 20-30 minutes after swallowing two capsules, MILLIONS of your own stem cells are released from "lockdown" inside your bone marrow, so they can go to work and replace damaged cells with young ones like you had as a child!

The only reason everyone is not already using these extraordinary stem cell reactivation "Edible Health Insurance" food extract products is because they don't know about them yet.

Most people are experiencing fantastic unprecedented results, sometimes within minutes or hours and usually within a few days.

Not only does everyone need and deserve the self-healing benefits from stem cell reactivation, but for as little as just $2-5/day, everyone can afford our extraordinary food products (see proof here: www.j.mp/ANYONECANAFFORD)! 

Plus you can easily get them at zero net cost (essentially free).

Living consistent
With the Golden Rule
Is why we share
The Gift of Cerule 

Would you agree that having patented science-based stem cell reactivation products that can give a person a new brain, heart, liver,  kidneys, eyes, pancreas, immune system or joints, one cell at a time, is a refreshing story and would be a huge unfair advantage FOR YOU and your team?



Most people know that without a "BIG YES!" pay plan, the sizzle will soon fizzle.

With Cerule, you get a simple to understand, and lucrative "YES!" pay plan that eliminates the common frustration and discouragement inherent with binary plans that most often stop a person getting paid on most of their volume.

There's a common saying, "Friends don't let friends do binaries."

With Cerule, you get MULTIPLE Streams of income, including excellent fast-start bonuses, uni-level bonuses on seven levels with dynamic compression, plus check matching down three levels and three GLOBAL POOLS that can give you an override on the entire company!

This dynamic Multiple Streams of Income "YES" Pay Plan gives you a major unfair advantage over other compensation plans.

With this fair and balanced pay plan, you and your fast-growing team can win bigger and faster--isn't that what you want?

Cerule is paying us over $700,000 a MONTH in commissions and bonuses!

That's over $175,000 PER WEEK!

That's over $25,000 PER DAY!

Want your share? Why not? Why not you?


Can you imagine any company increasing their bonuses by 100 TIMES?

This is UNPRECEDENTED and almost INSANE--Cerule just increased their Rank Advancement Bonuses from $10,000 (which was already great!) to over a MILLION DOLLARS!!!

You can begin receiving a portion of that million dollars in extra bonuses your first week, and then increased larger amounts monthly, all the way up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Most people will not do what it takes to get to the top rank, but YOU can be the exception--why not? Why not YOU/ Why not now?

Read what Mark Parsekian, my business partner and sponsor, who's already earned over a million dollars with Cerulue in his first four years has to say:


Do you agree that having a "BIG YES!" compensation plan is another major unfair advantage FOR YOU and your team?

The bottom line for you is this:

This Cerule S.T.O.R.Y. can be YOUR ANSWER to what you're looking for, in your physical, emotional and financial health. 

It provides you a way to take the ride of your life in a "U.F.O." -- an Unprecedented Financial Opportunity (or Unprecedented FREEDOM Opportunity).


So Cerule positions you to be at or with the...

Right PLACE (with a refreshing SUPER STORY), with...

Right POSITIONING (TIMING), with the...

Right PEOPLE, with the...

Right PRODUCT, with the...

Right PAY PLAN, with the...


I believe that Cerule will become the GOLD STANDARD in the Network Marketing Industry.

But more importantly, these unique products and this opportunity supercharged with these five "Unfair Advantages" could "upgrade" and change your life in wonderful beautiful ways.

So, do you want to be a hero in your own story, and for your team, so all your dreams can finally come true?


Want to use these Five Unfair Advantages to accelerate your success and create a better life for yourself and others? 


You have TWO options:

1. Choose a better and easier life by taking advantage of these five unfair advantages. If it is better for you to HEAR this S.T.O.R.Y. of the top five unfair advantages, instead of just reading it, click here: http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com/rg/bf-3490 

2. "Play it safe" and do nothing. Just keep doing what you've been doing the same way and keep getting the same results. Are you ok with that?

Now ask yourself these 4 questions:

Why would I do this? (You already know why--what is your dream?)

Why NOT?

Why not NOW? (if not now, when?)

Why Not ME? (Now it's YOUR turn. Don't you and your team DESERVE these five unfair advantages?)

Your next step is to call me or the person who referred you to this website!

Ok, you now know what I'm FOR (Cerule is your answer).

HERE is what I'm AGAINST!

Like M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), I'm AGAINST "driving" through life suffering with poor health, AND feeling unable to create the security and level of income needed, to not just merely survive paycheck to paycheck, but to actually thrive.

STRESS from too little money increases your risk of DYING from a heart attack by up to 13 TIMES!

Are you ok with that?

I'm AGAINST this kind of dangerous killer financial stress and pressure, which is why I feel so strongly about Cerule being the ANSWER for you!

Hear me give the WHOLE story on a recent radio broadcast episode on how to escape this paycheck to paycheck "prison" (in which 78% of working U.S. adults are trapped).

Just click here: 


Here's another big advantage for you: complete this Guaranteed Success Formula Checklist:



Appreciating You

Believing in You

Committed to Your Success and the Rest of your Life Being the BEST of Your Life

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