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Got a SECRET and a Good Story!

             GOT PAIN?   Medical Concerns?

Everyone knows that it's NO SECRET, that most people over 
40 struggle with PAIN, excess fat and low energy.

Are you ok with being stuck in PAIN, or having a 
shrinking brain? 

Did you know that a Shrinking brain is caused by having 
excess body fat, and from not getting enough oxygen? 

Most of the people you know (80%) already have diabetes 
and 50% get cancer.

Most (70%) are at risk for heart disease, stroke and are on 
track to get dementia or Alzheimer's, like I was getting.

Are you comfortable with these statistics?

The odds are NOT in your favor!

90% die before their time from these common conditions--
far more than the 50% who died in the Black Plague or who
might die from the new Coronavirus.

Why do so many people suffer and die like this?

What all these dreaded diseases have in common is this: they all
have as the root cause, chronic INFLAMMATION.

To a great extent, INFLAMMATION happens because the brain 
and billions of other cells are NOT getting enough oxygen.

Imagine a new simple easy solution to this pandemic worldwide
problem of multiple diseases and premature death.

This "SECRET" new solution to this universal pandemic
problem gives you an easy convenient way to get out of 
PAIN and feel normal and young again by using an FDA-Cleared 
Medical Device that activates your body's ability to heal itself 
in 15 minutes--for just 50 cents per treatment.

According to the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health,

"90% of health problems can be dealt with at home,
 bypassing the cost of a visit to the doctor."

Or are you ok with going to the doctor for everything, and
just getting scared and pressured into drugs and surgery?

First, here is MY STORY, what happened to me.

I wasn't expecting to notice anything because even at age 68, I feel good, my weight is about 150 lbs, my blood pressure is 100/60, and I eat a perfect diet along with using about $400 a month of the best food supplements I can find. I TEACH living a healthy lifestyle, and I practice everything I preach.

Plus every morning, stretch, I stimulate all the key acupuncture points (over 40), use my $5000 laser on my heart and brain,  plus do biofeedback on myself.

My purpose in getting this wellness machine was merely to increase my longevity because I knew it would accelerate my DNA repair and improve my Functional Capillary Density, which is a primary marker for longevity.

So on Dec. 9, 2019, at 11 pm, I gave myself my first treatment.

Only 15 minutes.

I felt very relaxed and stress melted away.

That first night, I slept very well--so well, that I didn't have to get up to use the bathroom even once! 

Wasn't expecting that! Nice bonus.

Then ever since that first 15-minute treatment on Dec. 9th, I haven't had to get up at night to use the toilet even once--ever!

And I've now heard that many others get this same result along with sleeping better.

My next surprise is that first morning, instead of waking up feeling drained and sluggish and taking 20 minutes to drag myself out of bed as usual, I woke up feeling refreshed and strong!

I actually felt like going out and running!

So I decided to test this new sensation of suddenly feeling stronger.

I have a pull-up bar which I use mostly just to hang and stretch my spine. When I would try to do a pull-up, I could barely do even one.

So I wanted to see if it might be easier to do my one single pull-up.

I was very surprised to discover that not only was it easy, but I was able to actually do FOUR in a row without stopping!

The next day, I thought maybe it was a fluke.

So I tried again. This time I did FIVE. Then the next day I did SIX!

But here was the biggest surprise.

The last part of 2019, I had become alarmed by my sudden decline, of not only strength, and feeling weak, but I was losing my short term memory and developing early-stage dementia like my mother did in her late 80's.

E.g. I'd walk from the dining room table to the kitchen to get some pepper, or some item, I can couldn't remember what I came for.

I'd open the fridge to get something, and couldn't remember what it was I was going to get!

I couldn't remember if I'd already taken a supplement!

This was happening 10-12 times a day!

I was alarmed. I kept saying, 

"Are you kidding me? I can't believe this is happening to me!"

Well, after just three days using this "Miracle Machine" just 15 minutes twice a day, I noticed that my brain was back to normal.

I wasn't forgetting things anymore!

The lights had come back on in my brain.

[Want to hear me share my story on the New Life Ventures radio show hosted by Dr. Joseph Bird, MD? To hear my story on a radio show, click here:

And to hear fresh testimonials every day, on Nu Life Ventures Blog Talk Radio,
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Here's another good story for you. It's an analogy--maybe
a bit silly, but it does clearly illustrate for you how this extraordinary secret "Miracle Wellness Machine" works.

This short story isn't too long, AND definitely 
will be worth your time--you'll see:

Once upon a time, there was a thriving town up in the 

It was a happy place--a place of peace and harmony.

Then one day, an unexpected major snowstorm closes 
down 100 miles of the road to this town.

That's a huge problem because this town is 100% 
dependent upon trucks bringing in food.

For some strange reason, the snow does not melt. 
People are now out of food, and are panicking. Survival is at stake. 

You are the mayor of this town

They are blaming YOU since you're in charge. 

But you don't have any answers to this crisis 
and time is running out. 

You're feeling inadequate and hopeless along 
with everyone else.

You're feeling weak from not enough food. 
The children are crying, and getting sick.

You're afraid that you and the entire town is 
going to starve to death.

Suddenly, you are startled by someone pounding 
on your door.

It's your best friend. She's excited because she's 
thought of a possibility that just might work. 

It would be a new kind of energy beam that could MELT 
the snow off all 100 miles of roads within 15 minutes. 

Then the deliveries could resume immediately so we 
could get food again.

She tells you that she has the plan, and can be 
your guide, but that YOU are the only one with 
the knowledge and ability to invent this new 
heating device.

If it works, you'll be the hero of the whole town.

You say, yes, of course, I will build this machine to 
save the town, because everyone's hurting and no one 
wants to die.

You say a quick prayer. You work non-stop for 
48 hours building this new device.

It's done. It's ready to test.

But you're worried--what if it doesn't actually work? 
Everyone is counting on me.

Long story short, it does work! 

The snow actually does melt within 15 minutes 
as you were hoping. 

So now the roads are clear, and the trucks can once 
again deliver the food everyone is desperately waiting for.

You've saved yourself and the whole town, and now 
you've become the hero
They even throw a big party to celebrate your 
brilliance and work in saving their lives.

So because you diverted this disaster and saved 
the town, everyone is happy again.

Now for THE REAL STORY that 
Reveals this Secret

This short story explains how this "secret" will save or at least improve 
the quality of your life, and the lives of the ones you care most 
aboutand even make you into a Hero.

For me, it has been the best investment I've EVER made!

This "secret" may be the invention of the century.

You'll quickly see why...

Announcing a new invention, an FDA-Cleared Class II Medical Device, the A.V.A.C.E.N.


As you know, most people are already suffering from
PAIN, some health challenge or concern, right?

Everyone wants to be happy, healthy and live long, 
but  PAIN and disease steal our joy and peace.

PAIN and DISEASE also triggers WORRY, ANXIETY  

Meet the man who invented the secret "Miracle Machine."

Could this possibly be the answer to your prayers?


Thomas G. Muehlbauer

Inventor, CEO and President of AVACEN Medical

Tom initially invented this device for his wife's sister 
because he wanted to HELP HER stop the debilitating 
PAIN from her migraine headaches she'd suffered
with for 25 years.

Now ten years later, with ONLY DOCTORS having
access to this for the last six years, over 7 MILLION
treatments have helped thousands of people around 
the world, with ZERO adverse side effects (vs. medications
that accidentally KILL 1000+ people per day).

Now it's your turn to get the help you need.

Tom and I will be your "guide," empowering you
to be the HERO in your own story, and in the lives
of others (assuming you like to help others).

Here's the PLAN

Just 3 simple steps:

1. Get clear. Ask yourself, honestly...

"How much do I value my health and well-being?"

"On a scale 0 to 10 how important is my health?"

What was your number?

Why was it that high?

Decide right now if you are SERIOUS about escaping the 
PAIN and other current and coming health challenges.

2. Read the rest of this special report, and watch a few 
short videos so you can understand how this works and 
what it can do for you and the ones you most care about.

3. Get a free consultation with me and hear MY story, 
so you can decide if you want to make sure that the rest 
of your life is the best of your life by taking advantage of 
this life saving "Miracle Wellness Restoration Machine."

As you already know, for most people, sad to say, their life 
does not end well.

That's because, as everyone knows...

...when you're too casual, you become a CASUALTY.

But, want to be different, right?

You can make informed intelligent choices that empower you to 
escape having to suffer a tragic painful sudden end of your life.

A sudden heart attack, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer's, amputations,
going blind--that's NOT how you want it to end, right?

But by being a hero in your own story, you can not only defuse

the "ticking time bomb" and escape the "burning building" of  

INFLAMMATION and DISEASE , but actually feel GOOD again, feel 

and look younger, happier, and more secure about your future.

So are you ready to learn how this works?


Everyone already knows that OXYGEN is the most
critical nutrient, right?

Most people already know about the amazing benefits
of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber.

90% of hospitals use it to help patients. It works very well.

But it's not only super expensive ($125,000 or $350 per 
treatment), it's now obsolete because the AVACEN for
50 cents per treatment does everything it does, and a lot more.

This "Miracle Machine" within minutes, dramatically increases 
your blood flow through the 100,000 MILES of your capillaries 
so it can deliver the oxygen and nutrients to your brain and other vital organs.

At the end of the capillaries, the blood also "flushes the toilet" by taking out the carbon dioxide, lactic acid and other toxins that have been piling up like a stinking unflushed toilet. 

People are calling it a "miracle machine" because within minutes, 
it helps reduce or eliminate PAIN, and help the body to reactivate 
and optimize self-healing itself, in a dramatic new way, through the 100,000 MILES of capillaries through which your blood delivers essential oxygen and nutrients.

5000 thousands of years ago, God said in the Bible that...

"Life is in the Blood."

Did you know that 80% of people over 40 have severe 
dysfunctional microcirculation and INFLAMMATION.

Your House/Body on Fire


INFLAMMATION in your body is the equivalent of your
house being on fire, except it's not as immediately 
noticeable inside your body.

Are you ok with your "house" being on fire?

This means that your vital organs, including your brain 
and heart along with trillions of cells are NOT GETTING 
ENOUGH OXYGEN and nutrients because...  

INFLAMMATION collapses your capillaries, which prevents
your blood getting to where it is supposed to go to deliver oxygen, nutrients and take out the trash.

This starvation of oxygen and nutrients causes even more
INFLAMMATION   which is the root cause of  PAIN and most 
diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke,
high blood pressure and dementia.


Look! These two images below show just one of the many 
serious damaging effects of INFLAMMATION in your brain 
which leads to dementia and Alzheimer's:

Having dying neurons in your brain--how does that make you feel?

Are you ok with that?

This FDA cleared Class II Medical Device dramatically helps 
restore and enhance micro-circulation within minutes, which
instantly and dramatically reduces INFLAMMATION.

Un-Inflame Me: Reversing the American Diet & Lifestyle

Reduced INFLAMMATION has many astounding health 
benefits especially for people who suffer with... 


Are you ok with you or the people you care about suffering 
with even just one of these issues?

Wouldn't you rather feel like this?


So because the quality of your life is at stake, I'm inviting you 
to take a few minutes to see these three important videos that
can save or at least upgrade the quality of your life.

First watch this short TWO-minute video of this FDA-Cleared 
Medical device:

Click here: 

Want to see a dramatic improvement in blood flow 
within just 15 minutes of using the Avacen?

Click here: 


Like Amazing Stories?

Here's what just one of many MD's had to say about this.
“I enjoy using the AVACEN that Dr. J asked me to test drive. 

I find it quite relaxing. With each session, I find myself wanting 
to close my eyes and ZZZ out. I also notice a decrease in pain 
and discomfort at my rotating sites for the self-administered 
bio-peptides intramuscular injections as required for a 
regenerative medicine research protocol. 

AVACEN utilization is an excellent ancillary augmentation strategy.”
President, American Society of Regenerative Medicine

I have several amazing short stories (on video) for you!

Up to watching a couple of them?

The BEST story will be YOUR STORY, after you've experienced 
this "Secret Miracle Machine!"

Now I invite you to make that very important call to get your
free consultation so you can get your questions answered.

The most educational and fascinating video for you is with Dr. Wolf, the "Doc of Detox" interviewing the inventor of the Avacen.
Is your natural health practitioner merely "treating you" or ...

It's VERY IMPORTANT to see this one--you'll see. 

The title is, "Covid-19, Microcirculation and the Avacen."

I suggest you watch it now. Just click here:


This next video is a bit more technical, but you'll see, it's well worth your time too.

This amazing presentation is by Dr. Codrin Blosiu who practices 
in San Diego, where Avacen Medical is located.


Pay particular attention to his work with Navy Seals and NASA 
Astronauts and the incredible results utilizing the AVACEN Medical Device.

Click here: J.MP/DRBLOSIU

Next watch AVACEN Medical CEO and inventor Tom Muehlbauer
 and wife his Danielle speaking at the recent San Diego launch 
explaining in more depth the history, development and the 
scientific reasons this unique medical device provides such 
incomparable and unprecedented results, even for Parkinson's

Click here: 

I was shocked to find out that because Tom has been
using this personally for 6 years, as a 71-year-old, his
DNA tested to be that of a 35-year-old!

Want YOUR DNA to be half your biological age?

This Miracle Machine is still a SECRET to 99% of 
the world, but NOW, it's not a secret for you!

So now let's talk, because I really do want to help you be a HERO in your own story for at least your own better health, and of course for your family and friends as well.

And maybe you will help me make this NOT a secret to
the rest of the world which desperately needs to know about 
this and get access to this "Miracle Wellness Machine"! 

Call me right now, or as soon as you have a few minutes 
so I can tell you what happened to me within 24 hours of 
using this amazing "Miracle Wellness Machine," ok?

Inline image 1  
Ray Gebauer  ~  Man on a Mission--Providing...

Hope, Help & Health for Hurting People

P.S. Just to be clear, the "miracle" is NOT in the AVACEN machine. 

The AVACEN does not cure or prevent or mitigate any disease--it just uses heat in a novel way to raise the temperature of your blood by just enough (1 degree) which helps your body restore the blood flow closer to normal, which reduces chronic 
INFLAMMATION and pain, SO THAT your body is once again able to heal itself automatically like it normally would do with a cut, burn or broken bone.

So clearly, the "miracle" is not in the machine--it's in the body's natural ability to heal itself.

But when you have poor circulation as most people do, particularly in the 100,000 MILES of tiny capillaries, your body is severely HANDICAPPED and unable to do what it is supposed to do, because cells are being deprived of essential oxygen, vital nutrients, along with added burden of toxins piling up like an unflushed toilet.

All this further exacerbates INFLAMMATION which further compresses and collapses the tiny hair-like capillaries, which makes INFLAMMATION even worse, in an ongoing downward vicious deadly spiral that accelerates disease and premature DEATH.

Are you ok with that happening in YOUR body?

Of course not.

Most people already know that healthy foods, exercise and good supplements make a positive difference. E.g. an apple a day does reduce your risk of stroke by 52%.

BUT, even a perfect diet, the best supplements and other excellent modalities are not enough to fully "Awaken The Force" of self-healing that the AVACEN does by restoring proper blood flow--for just 50 cents a treatment! 

That's less than the cost of a snack or cup of coffee.

Do you feel your better health and future is worth investing 50 cents a day?

Plus using this "Miracle Wellness Reactivation Machine" will probably also SAVE you tens of thousands of dollars in future medical expenses.

That's in addition to helping you feel far better, often within 15 minutes, so that the rest of your life can be the best of your life.

Isn't that what you want?

The only reason every doctor, hospital and person is not already using the "Miracle Machine" is because they don't know about it yet or they don't fully realize what it can do for them, and that it save them tens of thousands in medical bills,  will cost them far more not to have it than to own it.

So how about you and your family, now that you DO know about it?

No pressure. It's your choice.

Just remember, that when you are too casual, you become a casualty, whether in traffic or in your health.

It's your life. It's your future.

If for you, this R & R (Restoration and Repair) machine "sounds expensive" the truth is, that you can not afford to NOT own your own "Miracle Machine." 

To see why I say that, click here: 


It's your move.

Remember, when you are too casual, you become a CASUALTY!

Don't be a casualty! Please.

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