Sunday, November 18, 2018

Are all Your Eggs in One Basket? How to Create Multiple Streams of Income


Everyone knows that it's not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, right?

Ever been in a situation where you regretted having all your eggs in one basket? 

What was it? Did you put all your savings into an investment that went sour? How did it end up? How bad did you get hurt?

Unfortunately, most people have all their eggs in one basket, in regards to income.

How many sources of income do you have?
How secure do you feel about having all your eggs in this one basket of just one source of income?

What would you do if your "one egg" of one income did this?
But what if you could get MULTIPLE sources or streams of income?

How would that make you feel?

[Be sure to watch a 4 minute video I made on this topic as well at http://J.MP/onebasket]

Ever read the famous book by Robert Allen, Multiple Streams of Income?


One simple way to create Multiple Streams of Income is to buy a bunch of houses and collect the rent. 

That's one way to get Multiple Streams of Income.

But, that's not so easy if you don't have the money to start with, to buy the houses, right?

What if there was an easier virtually no cost way to create Multiple Streams of Income?

What if there was a way to have 100  Multiple Streams of Income by having 100 people each sent you $10 a month? 

How much is that? Would that be worthwhile, a $1000 a month?

What if 1000 people each sent you $10 a month? How much would that be?

So how would having a 1000 streams of income of $10 each impact your life?

What everyone loves about Anovite, is that here you have an easy way to create Multiple Streams of Income, from hundreds and eventually thousands of people. 

I already have over 10,000 Streams of Income from over 10,000 people in Anovite. Others have many streams of income too!

So maybe now it's your turn. You can do it too. Why not?

By using the brilliant Anovite vehicle to create YOUR Multiple Streams of Income, you not only create security, and eventually time freedom, but you can also eventually double or triple your income or more. 


Another BIG advantage you get with Anovite is LEVERAGE! The Legendary Tim Sales calls it "BRILLIANT COMPENSATION."

Over 99% of the effort to develop Multiple Streams of PASSIVE Income comes from the work OTHERS do!

You are the spark that starts the (healthy) wildfire burning! 

So in less than a year, you can have Multiple Streams of PASSIVE Income that continue to expand!

How would that make you feel?

IN THE MEANTIME, you have immediate weekly access to BRIDGE MONEY!

Bridge Money First, as you build Reoccurring (Residual) Money (Multiple Streams of Income)

Bridge money is fast and immediate. It pays you weekly upfront, while you are building long term Multiple Streams of Income that will be eventually be passive and pay you for life, like royalties on a best selling book, or rent from an apartment complex you own.

You create "Bridge Money" by enrolling at least one person a month, ideally with the $299 pack along with Smart-ship. If you enroll TWO with a pack in the designated time frame, you earn $325 in Bridge Money (Fast Start Bonuses).

Want a guaranteed way to create lifetime Multiple Streams of Income using Anovite?

Just enroll one (ideally two) people a month who commit to take advantage of the Smart-ship program that gives everyone free products, and guarantees you are qualified for your weekly checks. 

If you enroll just ONE person per month, and everyone else does that too and stays active, in one year you'll have 4096 streams of passive income, which will earn you well over $10,000 per month.

But if instead of 4096 passive streams of income, what if you had just 1000 passive streams of income?

How would that make you feel? 

How would that change your life?

So are you ok with keeping all your eggs in one basket?

Or are you willing to engage and commit to do whatever it takes, with our help and guidance, to create Multiple Streams of Income with us in TLC--Team Life Changers, in Anovite?


* Why Not?
* Why not Now?
* Why not YOU?

And don't you think that everyone deserves the chance to learn how THEY too can not be limited to just one source of income, and create the security that comes from MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME like you are doing?

Remember that the very first commandment in the Bible says,

"Be fruitful and MULTIPLY."

To make it impossible to fail, and to ACCELERATE your success in creating Multiple Streams of Passive Income, I urge you to enroll in the  

To not do this could cost you thousands in lost income or years in lost time. You'll see. Guaranteed.

Call the person who shared this with you, or call me with any questions, ok? I'm here at 714-488-9074 to help and support you...all the WAY, starting TODAY, so you can splash and PLAY, in the Multiple Streams of Life Changing Passive Income!


Appreciating you!
Believing in you!
Committed to your better future with Multiple Streams of Income!

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