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Seven Reasons ANYONE Can Afford The True Health Care They Need

Seven Reasons ANYONE Can Afford The True Health Care They Need

By Ray Gebauer ~ Man on a Mission

Why doesn’t everyone drive a luxury car and live in a million dollar house?

It’s simply because they haven’t found a way to afford it--so they have to settle for less. But you or your friends don’t have to settle for less than the best when it comes to your health care and your health (medical insurance is NOT actual health care although it is often loosely referred to as “health care”). Would you want to settle for less? Why should you?

Everyone knows you pay more for getting the very best. You always pay more for quality. Just as a million dollar home or a luxury car is expensive upfront, our products appear to be expensive upfront. But here’s the bottom line—the most expensive product in the world is the one you really need but don’t get.

The fact is that if you KNOW that you really need something, and you really want it, don’t you always find a way to afford it? Of course you do!

So just how important is your health? On a scale from one to ten, ten being the highest, how highly do you value YOUR health—what number comes to your mind? I hope you gave yourself a ten, because that is what you deserve.

If you did not give yourself a ten, maybe you should visit a hospital or a cemetery to get a fresh perspective on the value of your health!

I say that the truth is that you really can afford the finest health care in the world, including the essential and critical life enriching nutrients that you really need. Think about it—can you really afford to NOT have them?

Here are SEVEN WAYS and REASONS why YOU can absolutely afford to be healthy, and so can all the people you care about:

1. Being healthy is affordable when you fully realize how much is at stake

2. Being healthy is affordable when you really realize what your health is worth

3. Being healthy is affordable when you realize the alternatives are MORE expensive

4. Being healthy is affordable when you realize you can reallocate misspent money

5. Being healthy is affordable when you let the government subsidize the cost

6. Being healthy is affordable when you adjust your medical insurance deductible

7. Being healthy is affordable when you realize you can get your “edible health insurance” products for “FREE” by  helping others get theirs for “FREE” (zero net cost)



Imagine someone holding your head under the water. In less than a minute, you forget about being nice, and do whatever it takes to get some oxygen, right? Why? Because you know that your life depends on it!

If you truly value your health, why not do whatever it takes to make sure you either get it back or maintain it, even if that means doing whatever it takes to afford the critical nutrients you need for your better health.

The famous Dr. Rayburne Goen, a vibrant 90+ year old retired Medical Doctor, stated publicly, that his supplements were so vital to his health, that if he had to sell his house to afford them, he would do it without hesitation!

Too much is at stake for you to do nothing. In the long run, doing nothing will cost you FAR more than taking care of your health now.

When you lose your health, don’t you think that you’ve lost more than you can really afford to lose?

If your car is totaled, you can just get another one—but if your body is totaled, then what?

Of course no food, even StemEnhance Ultra can absolutely guarantee you perfect health; but considering what is at stake, isn’t it worth doing whatever it takes to live a healthy lifestyle, which includes getting the extraordinary benefits from Personalized Medicine that is triggered and facilitated by the Cerule products?

So the FIRST reason you can afford whatever you need is because when you realize what is really at stake, you WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO AFFORD THEM!

It is just like you KNOW that you would never let your children or parents die by starvation—you would do whatever it takes to make sure they were taken care of, right?

Why not have the same attitude toward yourself, your health and well being? (Besides, you don’t want to “starve” your cells of what they need either)!



Do you spend money to insure your property? Most all of us do.

Many people are ALREADY spending $6-10 a day to insure their car and/or their house, which are replaceable. Don’t you think that investing $1-5 a day into “insuring” your personal health is maybe even a tad bit more important?

Where are you going to live when your body wears out?

The fact is that in our modern society…

              75% of Adult Americans are overweight and 33% are obese
              80% of people are already diabetic or pre-diabetic
              70% of people already have heart disease and more than 20,000 DIE every day from it
              and strokes 
              50% of the time the first indication of a heart problem is a FATAL heart attack
              50% of people (adults and children) get cancer and 20,000 DIE every day from it
              Cancer is undetectable for 90% of the time you have it, for up to 30 years
              Every THREE SECONDS, someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease
              90% of all people die prematurely from some degenerative disease
              One million people per year die BECAUSE of the Medical System, making it the #1 
                cause of death, ahead of heart disease and cancer as causes of death (watch this 
                short but shocking video by Dr. Mercola at   
              16 Million people per year are injured BECAUSE of the Medical System

How do you feel about those odds?

Isn’t it true that if you do what most people do, you get what most people get?

Don’t you think it would be wise to do something more than most people are doing?


According to surveys of 154,000 adults by the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, ONLY 3% of Americans are practicing just four basic components of a healthy lifestyle: not smoking, eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily, exercising at least 30 minutes a day five times a week, and live at a healthy weight (your waist size needs to be less than 50% of your height).

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola,

“I was quite surprised to see that only 3 percent of the U.S. population is abiding by these simple guidelines. I know I am following them. 

However, the vast majority of those in this country are exchanging convenience for their health--and paying a huge price in losing their health.” 

How SAD and tragic that most people have been "seduced by the dark side of pleasure."

The DARK side of pleasure is putting more value of SHORT TERM immediate pleasure, e.g. of food, than the greater deferred gratification LONG TERM pleasure of enjoying a happier, healthier longer life, and probably avoiding time in a nursing home!


Would you settle for car insurance if it only covered you every other day?

Wouldn’t you INSIST on COMPLETE coverage?

Think about it—the medical insurance you have is not complete either. Even though it is commonly called “Health Insurance”, that is obviously deceptive—how does it actually insure or protect your health, any more than Life Insurance insures that you live or protects your life?

Medical Insurance merely gives you a partial reimbursement of medical costs—it merely protects you from having to bear the burden of all of the cost of medical procedures, but does it protect you from disease? 

Of course not.

In contrast, true health insurance is living a healthy lifestyle.

This offers some actual real protection unlike medical insurance. For health insurance (lifestyle) to be complete, and actually protect and maintain your health, it must include providing all the essential nutrients your body needs. Just like your body needs oxygen, it needs other critical nutrients as well.

Isn’t complete “coverage” having both health and medical insurance? I choose to have both—what do you think is best for you?

I believe that I get far more value from true health insurance for far less money than I do from medical insurance, which I hope I will never use!


In the book The Cost of Being Sick, it is predicted that medical insurance costs will become the “new mortgage”, predicted to exceed $1000 a month. Are you ready for that?

As part of choosing a healthy lifestyle, why not invest a few dollars each day into your personal “health insurance” by using Cerule anti-aging products for only $1-5 a day? $5 a day is only 20 cents per hour! 

Aren't you worth at least that much? 

Isn't the health of the people you most care about worth that much?


Have you heard the old adage, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”?

This is true also of your health. If you are passive, or casual, you will become a casualty.

How much do you value your health?

So the SECOND reason you can afford what you need is because it only costs you $1-5 a day, and I hope that you feel that YOU ARE WORTH IT! I think you are! Don’t you???

You DESERVE the best, right?



Compared to a visit to the doctor or hospital, getting the essential nutrients as part of a healthy lifestyle that your body needs is actually very inexpensive.

According to the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health,

“90% of health problems can be dealt with at home, bypassing the cost of a visit to the doctor.”

Compared to the cost of missing a day of work, or a day in the hospital, or a funeral, paying a few dollars every day to get the essential nutrients you get in True Certified Colostrum is very inexpensive.

Compared to buying drugs (that are toxic and don't even address the real problem but only manage or cover up symptoms), Homemade Personalized Medicine (activated by Cerule products) is very inexpensive (and totally safe). Here are some actual prices for drugs: 

Celebrex (100 mg) costs $130; 
Claritin (10 mg): $215; 
Lipitor (20 mg): $272; 
Prozac (20 mg): $247; 
ZithroLTS (600 mg): $1,482; 
Zocor (40 mg): $350; 
Zoloft (50 mg): $206. 

The average cost is $13.81 per day

Now that is expensive!

I invite you to watch The Drugs I Need, a 90 seconds, and very funny educational video clip at www.J.MP/THEDRUGSINEED  I’ve watched it dozens of times, and always have a good laugh!

Compared to the value from any other supplement that may be cheaper, that may give you between zero and a fraction of the results, Homemade Personalized Medicine is VERY inexpensive.

Don’t you always pay a lot more for quality? A luxury car is more expensive than a cheap car, but don’t you get greater value? Besides, why put cheap stuff in a quality body (your body)? Is that a smart thing to do?

Would you build a new house with the cheapest materials you could buy? 

Don't you DESERVE the highest quality for your “temple”

Wouldn't you want your children or parents to have the best quality? 

So why not you?

What if improving your health with a healthy lifestyle (proper eating habits, exercise, excellent nutrition, etc.) increased your life span by just one year? What would that be worth to you? Isn’t that one year’s income? 

What if you lived an extra 10-20 good healthy years? What would that be worth?

Getting your car brakes fixed may seem expensive too, but expensive compared to what? NOT getting them fixed could cost you your very life, right?

Rather than thinking in terms of buying supplements, think of it this way:

What you are really buying is not a supplement—you are buying health and longevity, for pennies on the dollar! Now that’s a real bargain!


According to Nicholas Web, in his alarming book, The Cost of being Sick, investing $100 a month from ages 45-65 toward prevention will cost you $24,000. He then sites a shocking study by Fidelity Investments, that revealed that a couple retiring TODAY, at age 65, needs approximately $160,000 in savings to cover medical expenses during retirement!

However, in 20 years from now, with medical costs rising from 7-15% per year, that $160,000 obligation will become a $500,000 to $2,225,000 obligation. So a $100 a month toward prevention is just as important as any 401-K contribution. 

Would you agree that spending $24,000 ($100 a month) to avoid $500,000 to 2 Million in potential medical costs, makes good financial sense and is the smart thing to do?

So according to The Cost of Being Sick, you could either put aside $1500 a month for 20 years to have the minimum funds needed ($500,000) by age 65, or spend $100 to $150 a month on prevention (real health insurance). And as a bonus, you can expect to enjoy greater vitality and a better quality of life.

This is buying your future health for pennies on the dollar

This is PLANNING. 

This is being smart. 

Remember, “he who fails to plan, plans to fail.”

So if true “health insurance” SEEMS to be expensive, ask yourself this critical question: “expensive compared to what?”

So the THIRD reason I say you can afford what you need is this: when you ask the intelligent question, “expensive compared to what?” you realize the other options, including doing nothing, will cost you far more in the long run.



By shifting some or all of your dollars you are now spending on processed foods, to buying healthier foods, you will easily save enough money to pay for your Homemade Personalized Medicine that your body needs.

The University of California Berkeley Wellness Newsletter reported on a study that found that families SAVED money by switching to buying natural unprocessed food. And after a year, they were spending much less than they did before the study began—and were healthier! What if that worked for you?

In fact, 90% of the food most people buy is processed, which is usually 200-500% more expensive than unprocessed foods. Why pay more for less value?


·         Processed foods are extremely STRESSFUL on your organs (in fact, 75% of all processed foods are genetically modified (AKA "Frankenfoods")

·         Processed foods are FATTENING (a set up for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc.; plus excess fat does not look good on you!)

·         Processed foods are EXPENSIVE (usually double or triple the cost per pound compared to healthy whole foods—you pay more for less value)

If you’re truly committed to your health, why not take money you’ve been spending on STUFF that HURTS you and buy FOOD that HELPS you?

Then use the money saved to buy Homemade Personalized Medicine that you need and deserve.

Sure it may be difficult at first to eliminate or reduce processed items because you are used to them and you like the taste—but when you realize that your health and life are at stake, what is there to really think about? 

Anything that has been processed is a health rip-off. E.g. “The whiter the bread, the faster you are dead.” (Clue: avoid all white foods—coconut oil, eggs and cauliflower are exceptions!)

If you took only half of your food budget money (why go just half way?) and spent it on unprocessed foods, you could probably save over $40 a week which you could then spend on your edible health insurance (Homemade Personalized Medicine). Many people blow $5-6 each day on just drinks and snacks. 

Start by reducing or just plain eliminate the fake “foods” that are especially HARMFUL, such as sodas, chips, French Fries, candy, pastries, snacks, vegetable oil and most flour or grain-based items including breakfast cereals. You will feel and look better too!


Which is going to make the decision for you: your taste buds or your brain?

Why pay good money for stuff that is killing you slowly? Suicide, whether it’s sudden and deliberate, or slow and accidental, is still suicide. It’s just that “death by fork” is socially acceptable.

“He who does not endeavor to heal himself is brother to him who commits suicide.” Proverbs 18:9 (King Solomon; Septuagint version).

So the FOURTH reason I say you can afford what you need is because you can easily REALLOCATE money you are already spending on snacks, processed and junk foods (75% are “Frankenfoods” (as in “Frankenstein”)—genetically modified!) and beverages, and use it to pay for your “edible health insurance.”



If you are willing to “share the gift” with others, and if taxes are being withheld from your pay checks, you can adjust your exemptions to the point that you have an instant pay raise sufficient to cover the cost of your products for your entire family!

Just keep records of all activities that you've always done and are already doing, which are now tax deductible because you simply have or just INTEND to have a conversation about better health. 

When you engage yourself in sharing the gift, you convert many common non-deductible activities and expenses into tax deductible expenses!

This can include a percentage of your house payment or rent, utilities, car mileage to just about everywhere, including the grocery store, dinners, vacations, and even children's allowances if you set it up properly. Your tax savings could easily be several times your cost of your products. The tax experts say that you could save $5000 a year with new deductions! Be sure to consult with your accountant on this.

So the FIFTH reason I say you can afford what you need is because you can let the government subsidize the cost of your true health insurance.



It may be possible to raise your deductible with your medical insurance (you probably will be using your medical “benefits” a lot less if you are healthier). Doing this could lower your premium enough to cover the entire cost of your “edible health insurance.” Most people have a deductible that is too low, and they are paying too much for this low deductible!

So the SIXTH reason you can afford what you need is that you may be able to reallocate some of your medical insurance premium (by raising your deductible) to cover the cost of Real Health Insurance.



Have you ever gotten a rebate back from a company for buying their product?

What if you could get a 100% “rebate” back for just “sharing the gift?” I do; thousands of others do, and you could too, with a little bit of loving effort. You may find it is VERY rewarding to love and serve others in this way. I do!

Most Americans, including your friends, are ALREADY concerned about their health—and for good reason. 

Many are looking for real answers, beyond the hype and empty promises. 

Most people know that they could be doing more, but don’t really know what to do.

Since you now have an important piece to the health puzzle, why not do a huge favor for your friends and loved ones and share the good news of what you know, and get monthly “Referral Thank You Checks” to offset the cost of your own health care? It’s actually better than a rebate!

Why settle for just wholesale if, by helping others, you can reduce your cost to zero through “Referral Thank You Checks”?

Why not start with the ten people who are most important to you? Make a list of these top ten people—the people you care about the most. 

Then do one of the most loving things you can do—“share the gift” with them by inviting them to check this out and try the products so they can experience for themselves the results they can get, such as...

  • More energy that lasts all day
  • Less pain and inflammation
  • Better sleeping
  • Better moods (feeling happier, more optimistic)
  • Better Mental Clarity

Helping others by inviting they to discover an inexpensive way to get these benefits can be one of the most rewarding things you do in your life! It sure is for me—it is far more about the mission than it is about the money. It’s my passion, and it could become yours too!

So just INVITE people to learn about these amazing products--share because you care

Invite them to learn about stem cells at (my overview) and various compelling videos you can easily send within seconds from your Rapid Funnel phone app (that's what I do).

So with no commitment to making this into a business, you can receive “Referral Thank You Bonus Checks” that are sufficient to more than cover the cost of all your “edible health insurance, making it a zero net cost. 

Some people call this “getting their products for free.” Thousands are doing this across the country—why not you?

If you are reallocating money and using the tax benefits, you are already covering the cost of your edible health insurance from the beginning—so this extra income can truly be extra! 

With some effort, and help from the person who did you the favor of telling you about this, you can within 30 days, be in a position to be getting your “Ultimate Edible Health Insurance" (Homemade Personalized Medicine) for “free” for the rest of your life.

Within 90-180 days, this extra income could not only cover the cost of your “Edible Health Insurance”, it could also cover your car payment. 

Eventually, it could cover your house payment, and eventually even exceed your current income like it has for me and thousands of others—why not you?

Your very first month, with just an hour or two a day, you can easily earn enough to cover all of the cost of your edible health insurance, and then some.


Cerule is already paying out THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in bonuses per DAY, as their way of saying “Thank you!” for helping the people by sharing the gift of Homemade Personalized Medicine based on Stem Cell Reactivation Food Extracts!

Why not get your share?

In fact, if all you did was help just 4 people start using this Homemade Personalized Medicine, and they did that too, and that happened for 4 more levels, in one year, you’d have made a difference for 5000 people! Plus you would be earning over $100,000 per year in bonuses!

Do you think you could find just four people? Or one per month? What if you found one person a week who wanted to use Homemade Personalized Medicine?

The main point is that you can EASILY pay for your edible health insurance, even in your first month by taking advantage of these “Referral Thank You Checks”.

But even if for some reason you choose to keep Homemade Personalized Medicine a secret and never share them with anyone because you are afraid that someone might “reject” you, you can still afford these products based on the first six strategies.

But with the same spirit of caring and excitement that you recommend a great movie, church or restaurant to a friend, you can recommend these life-enhancing life SAVING products to your friends. 

Because you’ll be doing them a huge favor, you will feel like a hero. 

As a bonus, you can create some extra income for yourself just by helping others!

Remember that the only way to make money, is by making a difference. 

Wouldn’t you agree that making a difference for others is always the main thing anyway, and the most elegant way to affirm and reinforce to yourself that you are a valuable and important person?


              Why not?
              Why not you?
              Why not now?

Review: Seven Ways and Reasons you can afford to be healthy:

1. Being healthy is affordable when you fully realize what’s at stake

2. Being healthy is affordable when you realize what your health is worth

3. Being healthy is affordable when you realize the alternatives are MORE expensive

4. Being healthy is affordable when you realize you can reallocate wasted money

5. Being healthy is affordable when you let the government subsidize the cost

6. Being healthy is affordable when you adjust your medical insurance deductible

7. Being healthy is affordable when you realize you can get your products for “FREE” by helping others get theirs for “FREE” (zero net cost)

So now you have seven good reasons and ways you can afford what your body needs.

How many reasons do you really need? Which reason is most compelling for you?

What does your heart tell you to do?

Thank you for doing what is best for YOU and your future, and your family!

Who you are is important and YOU make a DIFFERENCE!

Remember: What you are really buying is not supplements—you are buying health and longevity, for pennies on the dollar!

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