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How to Get the BEST RESULTS With "Edible Health Insurance" Personalized Medicine Food Extracts (Cerule)

How to take and 
get the best results 

CONGRATULATIONS on acquiring this LIFE-CHANGING Personalized Medicine, the Ultimate Edible Health Insurance! VERY smart move!

I believe that your results from using Cerule's StemEnhance Ultra, CyActiv and PlasmaFlo, will SURPASS your expectations.

I realize this is a lot of information and initially, it may seem like it’s too long. 

But when YOUR HEALTH is at stake, and since you’ve spent money to get this, trust me, this is very much worth your time to read so that you get the very best results. 

So don’t just skim this—read it carefully and seriously because the quality and length of your life may depend on it!

According to the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health,

“90% of health problems can be dealt with at home
bypassing the cost of a visit to the doctor.”

Let’s start with this important “A.B.C.” orientation. 

For best results, I recommend that you take these extraordinary Personalized Medicine foods/products from this “A.B.C.” perspective:


You ALREADY have health conditions, most of which are not yet obvious, that will improve when you use these extraordinary products.

90% of all health problems have ALREADY existed for years without any clear evidence, like the invisible 90% of an iceberg under the surface, out of plain view. 

So the common but very dangerous assumption (and illusion) is that if you feel ok, that you are healthy. Don’t make that mistake, because for millions of people, that assumption is fatal!

Image result for iceberg

The fact is that everyone ALREADY has cancer, because new cancer cells are developing daily.

But having cancer is not a problem IF your immune system is healthy. If your immune system is weak, which it is for most people, the cancer that is ALREADY there, will get OUT OF CONTROL.

The result is that 50% of people are diagnosed with cancer, which KILLS 20,000 people per DAY.

80% of the population ALREADY has Diabetes or pre-diabetes, and most don’t know it.

70% of all adults ALREADY have heart disease.

100% of all children tested at age 6 ALREADY had the beginning stage of heart disease.

50% of all people with fatal heart attacks had no symptoms prior to the heart attack that killed them, felt fine the day they died. A third of adults die from heart disease—but you don’t have to!

100% of the population has toxic chemicals in their blood—even babies! Of the 287 chemicals detected in umbilical cord blood, we know that 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests. (

100% of the population has INFLAMMATION, which is the root cause behind most diseases.
Inflammation is caused by chemicals, medicines, stress, sugar, wheat, junk food, nutritional deficiencies and even lack of sleep and sunshine.

One of the MAJOR sources of INFLAMMATION is the HOLES IN YOUR GUT that you and everyone ALREADY has.

Did you realize that 90% of the population will DIE prematurely of a degenerative disease? 

But YOU don’t have to be part of that 90% if you choose intelligently, wisely, to live a healthy lifestyle!

While no food or supplement directly addresses or cures an illness, these unique food extracts empowers to heal itself so you can have more energy, sleep better, feel more optimistic and happy, repair the holes in the gut, reduce inflammation and pain, repair damaged tissue, damaged DNA and actually regenerate tissues and organs.

The other side of “ALREADY” is that you have ALREADY been doing some things to improve or protect your health.

So taking these products is consistent with what you have ALREADY been doing, and will dramatically help your body become even more healthy and immune to future problems.

also stands for Affordability. You are ALREADY investing time and money into your better health and longevity. 

So you CAN afford all the health care you need, and honestly, you can NOT AFFORD to skimp on your better health for these SEVEN irrefutable reasons:


Everyone ALREADY wants “BETTER” in life…better relationships, better job or income, better skills, a better house or car, and most important of all, BETTER HEALTH!

These Ultimate Edible Health Insurance products will INSURE, that as a part of a healthy lifestyle, you WILL have a BETTER and happier life.

So called “health insurance” is NOT real health insurance, because it does not insure your health at all.

It is actually MEDICAL insurance, and only insures that you will have some coverage to pay for medical bills when your health fails!

So don’t settle for mere medical insurance—we all need REAL health insurance: a healthy LIFESTYLE that includes the proper foods, superfoods, habits and practices that actually DO INSURE your BETTER Health!

I can’t guarantee that you will live an extra 10-20 years if you consistently live a healthy lifestyle and use these products, but what if you did?

The odds are much more in your favor that by living a healthier lifestyle, you will have BETTER HEALTH and live LONGER.

That’s what you want, right? BETTER health, right? Of course! That’s why you are using these products. To supercharge these products even further at no cost to even double or triple your benefits, read my article on How to Supercharge ANY Food or Supplement for Better Health at


All human beings feel better about themselves when they are CONSISTENT with their values—don’t you? Me too!

How do we view someone who is INCONSISTENT? 

Do we respect or trust them more or less?

How safe would you be if you were NOT CONSISTENT in stopping at red lights, and only did it sometimes when it was convenient? Is 50% of the time good enough? Is 90% of the time good enough?

How protected would you feel if you were covered under your MEDICAL insurance or car insurance only 50% of the time? Would you settle for anything less than 100%?

The point is, CONSISTENCY is a MAJOR element of any kind of success, whether it is in relationships, in building a business, or in living a healthy lifestyle which includes eating your Ultimate Edible Health Insurance CONSISTENTLY.

You  ALREADY live much of your life with CONSISTENCY, such as brushing your teeth, taking showers, eating, using the bathroom, driving safely, hopefully taking a vacation at least once a year, etc. Doing these things CONSISTENTLY makes for a BETTER life, right?

IN THE SAME WAY, living a Healthy LIFESTYLE CONSISTENTLY, that includes StemEnhance Ultra, CyActiv and Plasmaflo, will make your life BETTER in multiple ways that will benefit you and your family for years. 

And THAT is what you want, right?

One of the most effective ways to be more CONSISTENT is to use the Personal Health Progress Chart (Tracker) as a 90 Day Challenge. I designed for you to make it easier to be CONSISTENT and more aware of the results you are getting that otherwise you may not notice! 

So I urge you to use it starting immediately—IT’S FREE! It is a great way to have written proof of your results and progress over 90 days.

CONSISTENCY is based on being fully aware of your values and what is at stake. It is empowered by your COMMITMENT to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to be healthy.

NOT BEING CONSISTENT means that you are taking this CASUALLY, which most likely will make you a CASUALTY! (just like driving too casually will eventually lead to a casualty).

Wise King Solomon wrote 3000 years ago, “Don’t be a fool! Why DIE before your time?

So just follow these simple but critical ABC’s CONSISTENTLY, because I promise you that you WILL definitely get BETTER results, and will have a healthier happier life, which is what you ALREADY want! Right???


Here are my specific suggestions on HOW to get the best results with these trio of amazing products in the context of creating a BETTER life by using them CONSISTENTLY!

For Superior/BEST results, use all three of these because you'll get a great synergistic benefit. Plus you'll get the extra discounted price of just $50 a bottle plus free shipping.

1. StemEnhance Ultra

This is arguably the single most important combination of food extracts in the world that you could take for your better Health and longevity.

I say this because within 20 minutes this unique patented product gets your body to release millions of your own stem cells out of "lockdown" inside your bone marrow so they can go out and fix whatever needs to be fixed by replacing old cells with young cells.

As soon as you get your stem cells out and back to work you can start getting a new brain, heart, pancreas, kidneys, eyes, liver, lungs, nervous system, spine, joints, cell at a time as your old damaged and dysfunctional cells are replaced by brand new Young cells like you had when you were a child.

So as your organs start to get younger, you become biologically younger.

On your next birthday you could possibly be several years younger biologically!

Did you know that some animals have such a high level of stem cells that they can regrow a leg or a heart or eye?

Did you know that a couple animals even can lose their heads and then even regrow their heads?

So, if you had more stem cells circulating in your body, what organ or joint would you like to regrow or repair?

Click here:

Want to see this animal regrow his leg after it's been cut off? Then watch this fascinating 82 second video:
I highly recommend that for at least the first month, you take two or three times the standard dose, especially if you have any serious health challenges or concerns.

At age 69 I'm in almost perfect health as far as I can tell and I am taking one capsule four times a day because my testing showed that's what I need.

If you're taking just two capsules a day, I suggest that you do it by taking one capsule twice a day so you get a stem cell release twice a day instead of once.

You can take this product with food or on an empty stomach though I prefer to take it without food but it's not critical.

Also I highly recommend that before you take any of the Cerule products, that when you open the bottle that you smell them, because that gives you an instant measurable therapeutic benefit. I do this several times a day even if I'm not taking them at the time.

To supercharge and increase the benefit even more, always consume these with a deep sense of gratitude, anticipation and excitement (see my article,

I also always put a bunch of them in the palm of my hand and take a few seconds just to enjoy the beauty of the color. Then I select one and put the rest back into the bottle.

Then take a sip of water and empty the capsule into my mouth, swish it around for a few minutes before I swallow it.

Or if you don't enjoy the taste like I do, then just swallow it immediately after you empty the capsule into your mouth so you can experience the taste for a second, or just swallow the entire capsule.

Also to maximize your benefits, be sure you are drinking plenty of purified water throughout the day, ideally at least 8-10 glasses in addition to coffee or tea.

2. CyActiv

This powerful food extract dramatically reduces inflammation in your entire body. 

Initially I mistakenly assumed I didn't need this product but after taking it just one day I was quite surprised to notice significant benefits I was not expecting including being able to walk more easily.

Since everyone already has inflammation and the majority people have severe inflammation systemically this is a critically important supplement.

So don't skip the CyActiv because you need it.

Plus you do need to take this one with food (and with a thankful heart).

It is also compatible with any other supplements.

If you have severe problems with any of your joints it would be a good idea to also take the Cyactiv Joint product too for faster relief. 

3. PlasmaFlo

For some people, this powerful 12 ingredient supplement is their favorite of the three because of how it increases your blood flow (circulation) by dissolving fibrin which is what causes plaque and blood clots.

Remember that like the Bible says "life is in the blood" but that life can't help you unless the blood is getting through to where it needs to go.

It's like squeezing a straw while you are trying to drink through it--not much gets through.

Inflammation "squeezes" your blood vessels, and Fibrin and other debris reduces the flow of life-giving blood, which means less oxygen, less nutrients and fewer stem cells are delivered to your brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, eyes, joints and all your vital organs.

For best results take two capsules on an empty stomach once a day (I take one twice a day), feeling gratitude in your heart like you are doing with the StemEnhance Ultra and CyActiv.


Everyone knows that 10 + 10 + 10 = 30, right?

But when you have SYNERGY, then...

10 x 10 x 10 = 1 0 0 0

Got 2 minutes?

Watch this 2-minute video on the SYNERGY of StemEnhance, Plasmaflo and CyActiv:

I have felt so inspired by this company, Cerule and these life-changing products, I wrote this poem.

I wrote this poem because the harsh reality is that 20,000 people die every day just from cancer, 20,000+ die daily from heart disease and 80% of people already have diabetes. 

Plus millions of people are getting Alzheimer's.

Clearly people need a new ANSWER, a new way.

It's the fight of your life 
A deadly duel 
Winning looked bleak
But now there's Cerule!

Life is hard 
The battle is cruel 
With a new secret weapon
We'll rule with Cerule

Pain and suffering
No hope in sight
Cerule's THE ANSWER 
Now the future looks bright!

Living consistent 
With the Golden Rule
Is why we share

If you have any questions, please contact the person who did you a huge (probably life saving) favor of introducing you to this!

May the rest of your life be the best of your life!

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