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Get Your PhD in 5 Weeks

Morpheus tells Neo he can get his PhD in 5 weeks

I got a good story for you! (also at J.MP//PHDINFIVEWEEKS)

It's about how you can get your Anovite PhD in 5 weeks, earn over $1000 in the process and become a Cash Flow Millionaire within 60-90 days!

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As an Anovite PhD, you get to be a Hero in your own story as you help others become a PhD and become heroes in their own story!

First, watch this short story (2 minutes & 45 seconds video) I made for you that gives you an overview of becoming a PhD in 5 weeks and what it means:

Click here: J.MP/PHDVIDEO

Want to find out HOW to become a PhD in 5 weeks?

Good news! It's low Tuition. 

Becoming a PhD is actually free, in terms of money, but you DO have to PAY for it with time, commitment and consistent daily action.

And it will be FUN while you're getting it done!

When you become an Anovite "PhD" you are a...

Productive Happy Director

First, let's look at the exciting benefits you get as a PhD. Then I'll explain HOW you can do it in the next 5 weeks.

As soon as you are an Anovite PhD, you get these 8 benefits:

Foremost, as an Anovite PhD, you are helping FAR more people with their health (and even saving more lives) by having harnessed the power of multiplication in building a network of your team players.

Sales is so much more limited. You can only help one person at a time, and are limited to getting paid only 8 to maybe 12 hours a day. 

But when you function as an educator, who promotes value (vs. "selling"), and become a PhD, and DEVELOP other PhD's, you are harnessing the far more powerful dynamic of MULTIPLICATION (vs addition; e.g. 10 + 10 + 10 = 30, vs. 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000).

As an Anovite PhD, and as your network multiplies, you will eventually be effectively getting paid for up to 100's or eventually 1000's of hours per day as your network expands, which gives you both long term Residual Income and Residual Impact.

Eight Benefits You Get as an Anovite PhD:

1. As an Anovite PhD, you get Rank Advancement Bonuses of $500 (counting the $100 Star Bonus)

As an Anovite PhD, you'll be excited, have social status and recognition as an Anovite Director

As an Anovite PhD, you are qualified to earn up to $1000 per week in Team Bonuses

As an Anovite PhD, you are qualified to earn Matching Bonuses

As an Anovite PhD, you are just one level away from qualifying for $100 per week as a Car/Lifestyle Bonus as a Bronze Director. 

And as a Bronze Director, your income will probably be 2-3 times more than as a Director.

6. As an Anovite PhD, you are earning $500 up to $1000 per month (at $1000/month, you are a Cash Flow Millionaire as explained at


As an Anovite PhD, you have proven yourself and have made it obvious to everyone else, that you are indeed, in spite of any internal doubts, a REAL leader for your growing team and the company

As an Anovite PhD, you are an example of success, a hero, that will inspire your team members to do what you did, to become PhD's as well. This will accelerate your income to much higher levels

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Before I show you how YOU can do this in 5 weeks, read these inspiring stories of just three of my friends 

Ready to find out how YOU too can become an Cerule PhD?

So here is how you can do it.

You are ALREADY doing what it takes.

But without the right strategy, most people do it in slow motion because they lack a clear formula/strategy!

This PhD in 5 weeks formula/strategy gives you, your current team and future team, a clear, simple, easy track to run on so everyone can win, and win faster as PhD's.

All you need to do is this:


The "Inner Game" (playing to WIN in your mind in 3 steps)

1. COMMIT to doing WHATEVER IT TAKES, because...

* It's worth it. It's worth paying the price to get to the Promised Land

* You really CAN do it--especially with training and support

Even if it takes you longer than 5 weeks, it's impossible to not make it as long as you work on it consistently. I promise. 

Committing empowers you, and makes becoming a Cerule PhD INEVITABLE

Here are a few extra valuable tips related to commitment (skip down to Step 2 and 3 in this Part One if you are in a rush to see what you need to DO, but be sure to come back to it later because it will help you!).

Visualize yourself as a Productive Happy Director, enjoying and celebrating your achievement.

Imagine how you will FEEL, and then FEEL that feeling now and every day. 

To strengthen your commitment emotionally (because logic never moves you--only emotion does), your commitment needs to live in a One Year Project.

Plus you want to harness the power of Declarations/Affirmations.

Learn how to create a One Year Project  (and harness the power of using Declarations in Part Two) on my post at 


To learn even more about Declarations, I invite you to listen to my recent Radio Show episode on how to harness the power of Declarations. 

Click here to listen: www.J.MP/DECLARATIONS

Here are some sample Declarations for you to use. 

I urge you to speak these Declarations below out loud several times a day, especially in morning and when you go to sleep. The second and third one are actually the most effective of the three based on research:

* Over, Under, Around or Through, WHATEVER IT TAKES, I WILL DO to become a PhD!

* Over, Under, Around or Through, WHATEVER IT TAKES, YOU WILL DO to become a PhD!

* Over, Under, Around or Through, WHATEVER IT TAKES, ____ (your name) WILL DO  to become a PhD!

2. Commit to helping your team to use this strategy to get on the freeway to becoming PhD's as well. 

Focus MORE on helping them get there than you do on getting yourself there! 

Your objective is to help at least four people achieve PhD as fast as possible, ideally within their first 5 weeks. But if it takes them 10 or 15 weeks, that's fine, as long as they stay in the game until they score as PhD!

3. Educate and inspire them by having them read this post and watch any videos that explain the process


The "Outer Game" (playing to WIN by your ACTION in 2 steps)

The real secret to success is not goals, driven by logic or will power.

The secret sauce is HABITS. 

You must create the HABITS (like eating and brushing your teeth daily), that will take you to where you want to go.

That's because HABITS, which are based on the subconscious, always win. 

Will power can win short term, but long term, HABITS ALWAYS WIN because HABITS trump everything else.

So here are the two steps you need to DO:

1. Enroll four people with the $299 pack, ideally within the next 2-4 weeks (you could actually become a PhD with just two personally enrolled, but it will take you 2-3 times as long). 

Be consistent to talk to at least one new person EVERY DAY because that moves you toward your objective of becoming a PhD

If enrolling people as Associates is difficult for you, I suggest that as an optional easy first 

The big advantage of using this approach is that now it is far easier to take them to the next step of becoming an Associate/Advocate since they've already said yes to joining you as a member (customer). 

Learn how to do this, and get the script at 


2. COMMIT to working with and helping your TEAM to COMMIT doing the exact same thing that you are doing, with their goal to reach the PhD status too, ideally within their first 5 weeks. 

They will be graduating as PhD's right behind you, and possibly one or two of them even before you!

Your highest purpose and focus is to do whatever you can and whatever it takes to help every one of your team members to become PhD's, and for them to help their team members become PhD's.

Here is how you qualify as a Director 

The simplest way to qualify as a PhD in 5 weeks is to enroll at least 2-4 yourself with a group total of TEN enrollments with a $299 pack.

Think of it this way:  TEN  +  TENPhD

Ten Packs equals 3000 QV (Qualifying Volume). The volume from Smart-ship and customer orders also counts toward the 3000 QV you need in each leg.

Can you see yourself doing this?

I can see you doing it! 

I KNOW you can--it just takes some time and focus.

Plus you can have FUN doing it, because it's exciting and VERY rewarding to become the Hero in your own story, and help others be the Hero in THEIR own story!

Remember too that in order for you to qualify for the $500 in Rank Advancement bonuses (Star, Two Star and Director), you need to have a Smart-ship of at least 100 BV (everyone needs that much anyway for your personal use!). 

Make sure all your team understands that they must have a 100 BV Smart-ship as well, as a critical part of this strategy, because they don't forfeit the cash bonuses of $500.

To keep the momentum going, everyone should be committed to talking to one person a day and enrolling at least one or two people per month.

This just moves everyone up faster to Director and the higher ranks, including the three Profit Sharing Pools of 

And you end up helping more people, which is the biggest win of all.

Soon, maybe even in just 5 weeks, you'll be the Hero in our own story as a PhD, and will be CELEBRATING, maybe something like this:

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