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Your P.O.P.C.O.R.N. Strategy To Make A Million


your  P.o.p.c.o.r.n.  strategy

to make a million


Do you consider yourself an adventurous person?

Are you open-minded? 

Got a good story for you and some good news! 

Want to help a LOT of people and make a “million-dollar difference” for people you care about, AND make a million dollars as well? 

If so, this is for you! You'll see.


Imagine having access to a powerful navigation strategy that positioned you to make a million dollar DIFFERENCE, and earn a million dollars in Cerule in less than 4 years?


Proof that this is possible is the fact that my friend and sponsor, Mark Parsekian, has already earned over a million dollars in less than 4 years with Cerule.

Mark earned over a million dollars without this particular strategy that I'm giving you right now, which will give YOU a major advantage and accelerated success.

I myself earned ten million dollars with a prior company before I developed this new strategy. I have friends currently earning a million dollars a year—why not you?


Maybe now it’s YOUR TURN. 

You can start small, like a tiny seed, and grow BIG.

All of the "BIG PLAYERS" started small. Everyone does.


Do you want to know what this strategy is?


If it really worked, do you think others may want to know about it too?


The new Pathway Strategy is summarized in my new acronym, P.O.P.C.O.R.N.








Results Orientated



This novel pathway—navigation strategy is like suddenly having access to warp speed, especially in conjunction with the RISP (Residual Income Success Plan) which will virtually guarantee and greatly accelerate your success.


This will give you a clear simple PATHWAY to take a quantum leap into a better and more secure successful future, if you choose to implement this option.


Most people WILL NOT do what it takes to implement this strategy, even though anybody actually could if they really wanted to, or if their life depended upon it.


I say that it is reasonable that YOU can be the EXCEPTION.


Even if it is “UNREASONABLE” for you, with my help and working with the R.I.S.P., you still can become the exception and get the results you desire!


The people you invite into your Cerule Community Adventure who use this P.O.P.C.O.R.N. Strategy can be the exception as well—anyone can choose to be the exception, and when they do, with the right support, they WILL get exceptional results.


This P.O.P.C.O.R.N. Strategy is an alternative to the Minimal Effort Strategy that is especially doable for the average person who's willing to take at least a minimal effort on a consistent basis.


It's an excellent pathway but it's slower and takes more time and probably feels more realistic for the average person who still wants to win big over time. 

I strongly recommend you review it at http://J.MP/CASHFLOWMILLIONAIRE so you can offer that as an option as well.


In contrast to the Minimal Effort Strategy, this is a higher-level strategy in which people are empowered and inspired by just knowing and having this “secret sauce” strategy.


This strategy gives everybody a significant advantage in winning, and making their dream come true.


In order to maximize and accelerate your results with this strategy, you need to understand, accept and implement the four fundamental dynamics of “4-C Diamond Love” that is the nuclear power behind this new P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy:


* CARING  (Corresponds to the COLOR of a Diamond)

* CONNECTING  (Corresponds to the CLARITY of a Diamond)

* COMMITTING  (Corresponds to the CUT of a Diamond)

* CREATING VALUE  (Corresponds to the CARAT/weight of a Diamond)

These four C’s are the core dynamics of mature love as can be seen in the Bible.


First you must have the mindset and belief that you already ARE a caring person, which means you actually care deeply about helping others.


If someone does not have this Caring Dynamic, it is almost impossible for them to have success with any strategy, in Cerule or any arena of life.


Most likely you are already a caring person. If you are, say out loud right now,

”I AM A CARING PERSON” to reinforce and anchor this first of four critical dynamics of authentic mature love. 


Second, you must be a person who enjoys connecting with others. You see value in being connected, you know you are creating value in just connecting, and it makes you feel good and probably happy.


If you don’t like to connect, then this is NOT for you, unless you learn real quick to like connecting!


Most likely you are already a connecting person. If you are, say out loud right now...

”I AM A CONNECTING PERSON” to reinforce and anchor this second of four critical dynamics of authentic mature love.


Connecting with people, as a core critical dynamic of this P.O.P.C.O.R.N. Strategy will empower and sustain you so you can help the maximum number of people in the shortest amount of time, which will accelerate you toward achieving your dreams and goals, including making a million dollar difference and an actually million dollars, even if it takes you four years.


In addition to you connecting, in order for this strategy to work, you have to connect with people who are also willing to embrace and follow this P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy.


The strength of your personal caring and connection with each person determines to a great degree how much you can influence, inspire and empower them to stay on this pathway/strategy. 


Third, you must possess or create this essential requirement dynamic of a strong unshakable commitment.


You must commit to doing whatever it takes to make this happen and instill that same level of commitment into your participants.


Say this out loud… 

“Over, Under, Around or Through,



The stronger your caring/compassion, connection and commitment to your Cerule community advocates and to the degree they KNOW AND FEEL you're caring, connecting and committed to them, you will significantly empower them to achieve what they want to success in using this P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy.


Most likely you are already a person of COMMITMENT. If you are, say out loud right now,


”I AM A PERSON OF COMMITMENT”  to reinforce and anchor this third of four critical dynamics of authentic mature love.


The fourth dynamic is creating value.


The point the main point of this is not making money. It's making a difference in helping thousands of people have a happier and healthier life.


Most likely you are already a “Creating Value” type of person. If you are, say out loud right now,


”I AM A PERSON WHO CREATES VALUE”  to reinforce and anchor this fourth critical dynamic of authentic mature 4-C Diamond Love. 


Here are the steps of implementing this P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy.


You must be and live as a person of 4-C Diamond Love (Caring ~ Connecting ~ Committing ~ Creating Value) for five people who are willing to be advocates with you this adventure following the same P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy.


In this P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy each person starting, with yourself, agrees to invest into either the Elite pack for $999 or better yet, the Practitioner pack for $1499, which for several reasons, will even further accelerate and maximize results for everybody.


If you haven’t already invested into the Elite Pack or Practitioner Pack, I STRONGLY recommend you do so BECAUSE by getting more “skin in the game” you will have a stronger commitment which will empower and position you to more effectively help and empower others. It’s not essential, but will make a huge difference in your success.


The company does not normally allow you to buy a second pack, but I will get special permission for you to do so, because by doing this, you will have more people do it too by you having set the example. People are far more likely to do what you do, and usually not more than what you do.


If this is a challenge, call or text me at 360-206-9266.


The first critical step in this P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy is taking advantage of the Residual Income Success Plan provided by Global Power Network with whom I have partnered, because for a small fee, they will provide you with a simple way to increase duplication from the typical 2-3% to 70%. Part of what they do for you is help you formulate an action plan, give you ongoing support and coaching, accountability and training. Call me for the details and how to include this major advantage. This will help you and your community far more than you can imagine.


The first stage in this 4-C Diamond Love P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy is everybody will actually express their 4-C Diamond Love by caring, connecting, committing and creating value by enrolling a minimum of five people who also commit to this 4-C Diamond Love P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy.


The time frame in this popcorn strategy is for each 4-C partner/advocate to implement the first stage within the first 30 days, which means each new participant enrolls five people with either the Elite or Practitioner pack within their first 30 days.


The second stage in this 4-C Diamond Love P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy is to concurrently follow the Minimal Effort Strategy of enrolling at least one person a month into your crusade/mission to be a part of your community as you help them achieve what their dream and goals they have.


Of course, they will be taking advantage of the Residual Income Success Plan too because that will really help people tremendously to stay in the game and on track.


The third stage in this 4-C Diamond Love P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy is simply appreciating, believing in and loving your community consistently with the 4-C Diamond Love of caring, connecting, committing and creating value for them.

And Mark and I will help you do that!


So want to know what to expect if everybody follows and successfully implements this strategy by helping just five people join using the P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy? 


RESULT #1 (1st of 3 Exciting Results)


15,000 people (5 who enroll 5 through 6 levels: 5+125+625+3125+15,625) have been served helped and empowered into optimizing their self-healing using the extraordinary Cerule products.


What do you think are the odds that your community of 15,000+ members will at some point help at least one more person take advantage of this self-healing optimization program in Cerule?


As soon as that happens, the size of your Cerule community has doubled which means you have 30,000 in your community.


Once those 30,000 each help just one more person join the community, now you have 60,000 in your community.


So every time everybody helps just one more person, the size of your community and the magnitude of your impact DOUBLES, until most likely it will exceed 100,000 people—even a million people whose lives you have impacted for good as a 4-C Diamond Love Advocate and powered by this P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy.


How will you feel at that point, knowing you've made that magnitude of difference for 15,000+ people?


Most people are going to feel happy, gratified, fulfilled, and their value and significance proven validated as a 4-C Diamond Love Advocate/Strategist in action.


How do you see yourself feeling about this kind of achievement?


Do you feel it's worthwhile doing whatever it takes to make this happen?


For some people this initially made sound too good to be true and unrealistic.


So I have a question for you.


Approximately what percentage of the time does 10 times 10 equal 100?


Pretty much every single time, right?


That's because numbers don't lie, right?


So mathematically it's impossible for this not to work, as long as people work and keep their commitment to achieve their Cerule Dream.


The Achilles heel, or the weak link in this process is not in the strategy.


The weak link is a lack of drive or confidence which results in quitting following the strategy.


If someone promised to pay you $100,000 if you enrolled just five people in 30 days with the Elite pack, what are the chances that you could do that?


Of course you, and probably most people would do whatever it takes to get that kind of reward, right?


So the question is not if you CAN do this, it’s if you WILL do this. It’s a choice.


That’s of course true for each person who “joins the party” with you in Cerule with this P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy—it’s a choice.



Imagine this.


You're in a football game.


The quarterback throws the ball towards you.


You catch it which was fairly easy.


Now you're running for the touchdown.


What if nobody tries to stop you?


What are the chances of you making that touchdown?


It's pretty much 100%, right?


The ONLY thing that could possibly go wrong is if you stumble and fall down or drop the ball or stop running.


As long as you have the power to keep running and nobody stops you, the touchdown and score is a done deal, even before you get there. It’s virtually impossible to fail… your success is inevitable, right? 


Do you see that that's exactly how this works?


Nobody's going to stop you.


And the only way you can stop and sabotage yourself and your future success is to lack the confidence to even try, or you lack the confidence to persevere until you make it happen. 


So if you are feeling low on confidence and belief in yourself, sort of like running out of gas or your battery is getting low then you need to connect and get recharged from someone who does have the confidence, and expresses confidence in you, like myself.


For you to keep charged up, you must stay connected on a daily basis to your power source, whoever that is, including God, your sponsor and/or upline, your coach or a good friend who believes in you, so your emotional battery doesn't die, which will inevitably lead to you giving up and quitting just because results weren't happening as fast as you expected.


As long as you keep yourself empowered by the 4-C Diamond Love Dynamics in implementing this P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy, it's impossible for you to fail and your success is inevitable.


But what do you do when one of the participants in your Cerule community is not getting the results as fast as they expected and their battery is running low you?


You get to be the "hero" and recharger for them.


Or you connect them to even a stronger power source like myself or someone in your upline.



RESULT #2 (2nd of 3 Exciting Results)


Using this P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy, not only have you helped over 10,000 people optimize yourself healing but you've made you've helped that many people reduce their financial stress.


This is another very important element of creating value (the 4th dynamic of 4-C Diamond Love) because the STRESS from not having enough money increases a person's risk of a fatal heart attack by 13 times.


So you may be saving people's lives just by having been the influencer and helper to get them to a place beyond just survival, living paycheck to paycheck (which sadly is true of 78% of working adults!) and into a place of stability and security and even success.


Plus they're going to feel better about themselves, have higher self-esteem and feel more significant as a VIP.


That's a tremendous gift that you've given directly and indirectly to so many people!


So how does that make you feel, to realize that in the future, you have made a difference for that many people in reducing or eliminating financial STRESS as well?



RESULT #3 (3rd of 3 Exciting Results)


By helping so many others with this 4-C Diamond Love P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy, you have automatically helped yourself gain perhaps an unprecedented level of security, success, significance and freedom.


Not only are you feeling wonderful, blessed and happy for making a difference of this magnitude, you’ve earned $256,000 along the way in JUST the one time Fast Start Enrollments as your Cerule Community expanded five by five through six levels based on just the Elite pack.


Whether it takes 6 months, one year or four years for you to see and facilitate this happening, it’s worth it, don’t you think?


For easy math, with just 10,000 members in your own Cerule community, each investing into four bottles a month, you are earning an average of $10 per member in the uni-level portion of the pay plan.

Can you do the math?


That means you're now making $100,000 a month which is over 1 million dollars a year.


This does not even include check matching, car bonuses, and three global pools that give you an override on every person in the entire company in 73 countries, including on me and everyone upline and sideline to your community/team!


When you have 10,000 or 15,000 members, how will you feel?


How would your life be different?


What would you do that you can't do now?


What additional difference can you make in the world if you have that level of security, success, significance, income and freedom?


So is it worth the time and effort and sometimes struggle and disappointment on the way to get to the top of the mountain?


Ask yourself that question right now.


Ask yourself, can I really do this?


You may say, “Absolutely!" 

Or you may say, "Sure, I can help five people myself, but will I have what it takes to support them to do it too, and provide the encouragement and support my growing community needs?”


What is the answer you hear?


If you hear “yes” and believe you can do this, or even it’s just a MAYBE, or a small chance of making this happen, then CALL ME IMMEDIATELY at 360-206-9266 so I can either congratulate you and help you get started in making your dream come true, or jump-start your emotional battery enough so you have the confidence to commit and start.


But if your answer is no, or probably not, then call me immediately to see if you can convince my why you can’t do this and it’s not worth the effort.


When we talk, I can use my special “superpower”, with your permission, to jump-start emotional battery so you can have the confidence join the party and engage in this exciting Cerule adventure.


Most people won't do this even if they could, because they don't believe in themselves—sad to say, they just lack the confidence.


So if that's an issue or struggle for you, let me help you get out of that dark unhealthy place of doubt and uncertainty and elevate you to a place of confidence, belief and optimism.


I promise you, I can do that for you, if you allow me to help.


And as I empower you, you will learn to empower others, and together we can make the world a better happier place where more people are raised out of the stress of survival into the higher happier levels of security, success and significance (and freedom).


All you got to do is follow this 4-C Diamond Love P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy.


If you do, failure is impossible and success is inevitable.


The biggest unknown factor is how long will it take.


If everyone stays on track with this (unlikely) and uses this 4-C Diamond Love P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy and helps five people join with one of the top two business packs within 30 days (that’s stage one), it will only take 6 months for your community to exceed 15,000 members.


If everyone averages 2 months to complete their stage 1, it will take 1 year.


Even with using this 4-C Diamond Love P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy, most people will need at least a year or more to grow their community to 15,000 members.


But what if it took you FOUR years, the time that lots of people spend going to college?


Would it be worth it to commit to using this P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy for four years?


Only you can answer that.


Knowing that success using this strategy is a real possibility, and even high probability, that this can work for you and the people you help join the party, how would you feel 5 years from now if you didn’t even give this a try?


Failure is 100% guaranteed if you don’t even try.


The famous hockey athlete Wayne Gretskey said that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! Do you agree?


So take a shot—it’s worth it, don’t you think?


Why Not?

Why Not You?

Why Not Now?


You have two options—which is easier for you?


  1. Since you are ALREADY talking to people about what is important to you, be a part of something BIG and exciting in the Cerule Community so that you can make a bigger difference for yourself and others, including becoming a hero in your own journey, reaping the rewards of helping others too by using this 4-C Diamond Love P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy.


  1. Your other option, is just do nothing. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Maybe living paycheck to paycheck isn’t so bad, after all since that’s how 78% of adults live. They say that hard work never killed anybody but why take a chance? LOL


If option one makes more sense to you, because you want to help others and yourself have a better more fulfilling life by being a 4-C Diamond Love Advocate in this Cerule Adventure that is extraordinary, fulfilling and rewarding, then we want to help you get to where you want to go.


It’s easy to “join the party” and get started with this exciting 4-C Diamond Love P.O.P.C.O.R.N.  Strategy.

Call me either way so I know if you want to take option two and be an OUTSIDER, or take option One and be a V.I.P. INSIDER with me in my inner circle of the people I'm taking to the top.

Next,  look at and follow this Guaranteed Success Formula Checklist:



Ray Gebauer


* Appreciating you!

* Believing in you!

* Committed to your better future!

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