Thursday, May 27, 2021

Good News! Cracking the Stem Cell Code for Repair and Regeneration

 Are you feeling Adventurous? Want to hear the GOOD NEWS!


Imagine this—you take two capsules of three food extracts, and MILLIONS of your own stem cells are released within minutes from your bone marrow to Repair and Regenerate anything.  

Read this excerpt from Cracking the Stem Cell Code book picutred above:

Evidence indicates that "…many diseases at their core come from a deficiency of stem cell function.


…many diseases will be seen as stem cell diseases caused by an inability of stem cells to repair.


The progression of hypertension, arthritis, atherosclerosis, lupus and kidney failure have all been linked to reduction of circulating stem cells. It is very likely that many degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and diabetes are in fact stem cell diseases.


The problem would not be so much… degeneration…as much as an impaired ability to regenerate.”



Did you know that by 65, 90% of stem cells are in “lockdown” in the bone marrow? It’s impossible to keep up with thousands of daily repairs and regeneration with 10% of your stem cells, which means disease is inevitable.


Nutrition is NOT enough—you must have enough stem cells for regeneration and repair. Most people see results within 24 hours, starting with more energy, better mental acuity, less pain, better sleep, lower blood sugar, etc.


The only reason every doctor is not already prescribing this life-changing Repair and Regeneration product is because they don’t know about this yet.


See Christian Drapeau’s 7 & 2-minute videos about how this unique formula was developed: 

http://J.MP/STEM-CELL-RELEASE (7 minutes)

http://J.MP/SYNERGY-OF-3  (3 minutes)


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My Dream is to help ONE MILLION people Optimize their Self-Healing by 2024 using this amazing stem cell reactivation technology. 

Let's spread the good news together because most people have serious health problems, they need help, and their lives and quality of life are at stake!

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