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DANGER! Learn how to PROTECT yourself from Unavoidable RADIATION that is Skyrocketing CANCER and other Diseases

                     R A D I A T I O N   D A N G E R

Are you concerned about how to actually protect 
yourself and family from this extremely dangerous 
cell tower, cell phone, WIFI and 5G  RADIATION ?

Did you know that this unavoidable RADIATION  has 
already increased the rate of disease by 800%, including 

Remember, when you are too casual about danger, it is inevitable that you will become a casualty, like King Solomon wrote 3000 years ago:

"The prudent man SEES DANGER and takes refuge, but the simpleminded just keep going and suffer for it." 

Proverbs 22:3

Watch this alarming eye opener 2 minute Trailer video:


The GOOD NEWS is that now there is a simple effective 

A very unique new wellness company, Centropix, 
has introduced a breakthrough technology based on 
German/Switzerland engineering for FULL PROTECTION 
from and neutralization of 5G and EMF radiation, AKA as 
Electronic pollution/smog.

Unlike other wearable pendants or bands which are claimed
to protect you, this actually does, as proven by scientific 

I got several unexpected amazing benefits the first day, 
including a significant increase in physical strength, 
much less stress, and dramatic improvement in my
physical and internal balance.

This FAR surpassed my expectations. I'm SO glad I
got this "Cocoon" home device that protects everyone
in my home, including our cat and dog.

I am always surprised that I actually feel a refreshing 
stress-reducing difference within 2 seconds of turning 
the device on, even after using it for two weeks.

So I invite/urge you to watch a short live webinar today
at 6 pm PT (9 ET) because you will learn a NEW way to 
actually protect yourself and everyone in your home with
a single simple breakthrough device.

Plus, at the same time, all of you will be getting the 
wonderful benefits of broadcasting HEALING rejuvenation 
frequencies 24/7.

Your health and quality of life are literally at stake.

I PROMISE you--this short Zoom webinar WILL be 
well worth your time. 


Just click on the link below for the webinar starting 
at 6 pm PT (7 MT; 8 CT; 9 ET) Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Please reply so I know you got and read this extremely
important invitation.

Text or call me at 360-206-9266 with your questions, ok? 

In the meantime, if you are interested in some ALARMING
educational information that you really do NEED TO KNOW
about, read this excerpt from a recent article:

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that surround you 

24/7 could be interfering with your immune system 

function, even triggering allergic and inflammatory 

responses while interfering with your body's repair 


We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which 

electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from cellphones and 

cellphone base stations, Wi-Fi devices, power lines, 

electrical wiring and even computers, televisions and 

microwave ovens, surround us 24/7. 

Olle Johansson, Ph.D., associate professor and head 

of the Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of 

Neuroscience, at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, 

is among those who have questioned whether humans 

can survive such an assault.

EMFs Disturb Immune Function via Allergic 

and Inflammatory Responses

EMFs present in everyday life, including at workplaces, 

homes and areas of recreation, disturb the human body 

at the cellular level, often at low or very low (non-thermal) 


Johansson cites research showing that EMF exposures 

stimulate increases in mast cells and other physiological 

changes that indicate an allergic response and 

inflammatory conditions.

He believes that rapid rises in the incidence of allergies, 

asthma and other sensitivities worldwide are a warning 

signal, as chronic exposure to EMFs may lead to immune 

dysfunction, chronic allergic responses, inflammatory 

responses and overall ill health. 

EMF exposures have also been linked to a variety of 

specific immune system effects, including:

Overreaction of the immune system

Alteration of immune cells

Profound increases in mast cells in the upper layers of the skin

Larger size of mast cells in electrohypersensitive individuals

Suppressed or impaired immune function

Decreased count of natural killer cells, immune cells that help kill cells infected with viruses and control early signs of cancer

Negative effects on pregnancy


Common symptoms of EHS include headaches, 

dizziness, fatigue, trouble concentrating, 

cognitive problems, sleep interruptions and 

skin symptoms such as stinging, itching and 


Damages from EMF exposure are not only a matter 

of increased cell damage but also of reduced repair, 

facilitating the spread of disease. 

The report cites evidence that EMF exposure may 

contribute to DNA damage and adverse effects on 

cellular communication, metabolism and repair and 

cancer surveillance within the body, along with 

causing adverse cardiac and neurological effects, 

including memory impairment, changes in brainwave 

activity and disturbed cognitive function.

Biological effects from EMF exposure may occur 

at levels significantly below U.S. and international 


Biologically based exposure standards are needed 

to protect humans from the effects of even low-level 

EMF exposure, but, according to Johansson, "such 

a completely protective safety limit would, for many 

exposure situations, be zero."

Unfortunately, the currently accelerated rollout 

of 5G technology, which requires the installation 

of numerous small cell transmission devices in 

neighborhoods, stands to dramatically increase 

EMF exposures and their related health consequences.

1,000 Studies on Adverse Effects of EMFs

The body of evidence showing that EMFs cause 

harm has become too large to ignore. 

At GreenMedInfo.com, you can browse through 

more than 1,000 EMF abstracts and their 

connection to oxidative stress, DNA damage, 

cancer, inflammation and more.

More than a dozen studies focus on the 

immunotoxic effects of EMFs, including 

potentially reducing immune function 

in the elderly and affecting cellular processes 

that play a role in cancer development and 

the proper growth and development of organisms.

"Living organisms can detect and respond 

immediately to low environmental levels of 

these fields," Henry Lai with the department 

of bioengineering at the University of Washington 

in Seattle, wrote.

As such, it's important to take action now to 

protect yourself and your family from unnecessary 

EMF exposures as much as possible.

[end of excerpt]

Text or call me at 360-206-9266 with your questions, 


Remember, when you are too casual about danger, it is

inevitable that you will become a casualty, like King Solomon wrote 3000 years ago:

"The prudent man SEES DANGER and takes refuge, but the simpleminded just keep going and suffer for it." Proverbs 22:3

Ray Gebauer

Your Health "C.P.A."


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